Liberal Media Caught in Twisted Lie About Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is popular and effective at upholding conservative beliefs.

That’s why the liberal media is beginning to turn their bitter eyes on him and try to bring him down.

As we all know, the issue with President Trump was never his tweets or his style: it was the fact that he was conservative and he won. The media simply couldn’t stand that he wouldn’t play by their rules and bend to their false morality. 

Neither will Ron DeSantis.

Recent attempts to blame DeSantis for an accidental vehicle ramming at a gay pride parade in Fort Lauderdale didn’t work because it was quickly exposed as a lie. 

Now, the liberal media has come up with an even better chance to do what they do best: use a horrible tragedy to try to score political points. 

Liberal Media Lies About the Miami Surfside Condo Collapse

The Champlain Towers South 12-story beachfront condo building in Miami collapsed a week ago in a tragic accident, with nine confirmed deaths so far and 152 missing.

Thirty-five individuals have been rescued, but it is not looking good for the remaining folks and chances are that every single one of them is dead. 

For a real journalist, this would be a time to find out what actually happened and focus on rescue efforts. 

Ye, for our leftist Soviet-Union style press and Washington Post “reporter” Hannah Dreier, it was a time to find a way to attack Ron DeSantis. 

According to Dreier, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was all set to go directly into the disaster zone and start saving people, but weren’t authorized to do so by DeSantis.

This is a complete lie. DeSantis authorized an emergency declaration only an hour after the tragedy, which means FEMA was good to go. 

Reporter Doesn’t Apologize or Correct

Dreier didn’t care about being exposed; she left up her false tweets, as well as failing to explain about just how wrong she had been. 

Of course, she still works for Washington Post as well; the Washington Post is working as hard as it can to make sure democracy dies in darkness. 

Dreier’s claims were completely false and FEMA isn’t the one who goes in immediately after disasters. In fact, local support teams were already rushing to the scene of the disaster immediately. As forming Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell said to Dreier, “you have a sickness.”

Her sickness – and that of the liberal media – is being full of hate and lying. 

So now the leftist knives are out, and they recently took a hard swipe at DeSantis in the form of a very ugly lie. 

This is nothing new, but it’s worth pausing and reflecting on just how nasty this stuff has gotten. 

This is not OK and this is not normal.

This is Soviet Union level propaganda and incitement of violence. The liberal media needs to be forcefully called out for their dangerous lies and promotion of violence.