Liberal Lunatic Exposes Leftist Agenda to Brainwash Your Kids

The Washington Post is a joke of a paper.

It’s owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and its slogan is “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

The reason for the slogan was simple: to insult Trump and conservatives. Yet, this paper claims to report the “news.”

It also has a large opinion section where it lets liberals of all kinds write their twisted fantasies and delusions for suburban latte folks to chuckle before they go into their job as gender diversity officers at their local college. 

However, one of the latest opinion columns in WaPo may have crossed a line, even for this twisted leftist rag. 

WaPo Column: Kids Should be Encouraged to Embrace ‘Kink’ Culture

A column by “gendervague” writer Lauren Rowello talked about how great “kink culture” is; she admitted how she exposes her kids to it at Pride parades and wants them to see and accept it. 

For those who don’t know what kink culture is, the simple explanation is that it is adults with mental illness performing sexually perverted acts; these acts involve wearing costumes and expressing their bizarre disorders as a form of sexual attraction. 

Think dog costumes, collars, whips, things you stick in your rear end and so on. 

As Rowello says in her column, watching these “kinksters” at Pride parades inspires her; it makes her want to increase young kids’ understanding and acceptance of people with desires which differ from the norm. 

In other words, this creep wants to indoctrinate the kids she has with her transgender female partner to be part of a brave new world of perversion and filth. 

Yet, there’s nothing we can do to stop her. 

But we can call out this sickening column. 

What the Hell Does ‘Gendervague’ Mean?

You may have been confused by Rowello calling herself “gendervague” and wondered what it means. 

So do I. So does everyone. 

Because like so many of these fake words made up by leftists, it basically means whatever they decide on a given day. 

With all due compassion, then, gendervague basically means mentally ill and in need of professional help. 

(Or entitled to write a column at WaPo). 

As Rowello says, she wants her kids to enjoy seeing “kinkster” adults spanking each other and “celebrating” their identity because it’s part of self-acceptance and openness. 

It’s also child abuse. 

As Daily Wire writer Matt Walsh put it, Rowello should be in prison for trying to brainwash and psychologically abuse her children. 

The Right Responds

Conservative commentator Jesse Kelly also noted that Rowello’s ideas of getting kids to like kinky culture are “garbage”; Kelly explained that they are the kind of dangerous slippery slope that leads to the collapse of nations. 

He’s right.

This has nothing to do with judging individuals who enjoy unusual things in the bedroom. 

This has to do with normalizing mentally ill thinks on a societal scale. 

Enough is enough. Boycott the Washington Post and immediately cancel your subscription if you have one. They don’t deserve a single more click.