Liberal Journalist Glenn Greenwald Weighs in on Jan. 6 Riot

Glenn Greenwald is a liberal journalist who isn’t afraid to call out his own side.

He broke the Edward Snowden story about Americans getting spied on by their own government; he’s consistently crossed “enemy lines” to go on right wing shows and speak to all Americans.

Even though he now lives in Brazil, Greenwald is originally American; he’s also very concerned with what’s been going on in our persistent national drama.

He recently went on Tucker Carlson Tonight to drop some truth about what he thinks happened on January 6 during the Capitol riots.

Let’s just say it’s far from in agreement with the establishment progressive narrative.

What Does Greenwald Believe Happened on Jan. 6?

According to Tucker, we have no way to know the FBI wasn’t involved or infiltrating the protests in various ways in order to try to turn them violent. 

After all, Trump made it very clear that he didn’t want violence; he was talking about people exercising their voices and making themselves heard in marching to the Capitol, not literally running inside it. 

Greenwald said he largely agrees and he believes the FBI and others are using a credulous, liberal-power worshipping media to spread a false narrative about Jan. 6 which was more or less a false flag operation. 

For those who aren’t familiar, a false flag is a common tactic. It goes back to the earliest human history where an attack is orchestrated from the inside in order to then choose who to blame it on in order to pursue a larger agenda. 

Ginning up causes for war or persecution based on false flags is the oldest story in the book. Greenwald says that the Jan. 6 incident’s aftermath is similar to during the War on Terror.

During this time domestically, instead of catching actual terrorists, the FBI simply targeted and infiltrated mainly mentally unstable individuals, getting them to do and say stupid things and then arresting them. 

The new target? MAGA conservatives. 

Right Out of the Fed Playbook

When the bad guy was extreme Muslims, the FBI more or less put informants and infiltrators among the American Muslim community, intentionally trying to rile them up and turn people extreme. 

They would then break up and arrest the plot proudly; however, after almost every time, people would find out it had been an FBI operation. 

Could Jan. 6 be the same way?

Greenwald said it’s quite likely and claims those who deny it must be “completely ignorant” of how the FBI works and how informants and false flags function. 

Giving the Audience What They Want

As Greenwald points out, the intel community and FBI has become a kind of idol during the Trump years, with boomer liberals worshipping it as some sort of standard for “decency” and “values.”

Liberal news networks not only worship establishment power and conformity; they also want to give the audience what they want: fed worship. 

For this reason and their own gullibility, they smear Tucker and anyone else who questions the official story on Jan. 6, even though it’s obviously got many huge holes in it.