Liberal Hollywood Stoner Seth Rogen’s New Film ‘Santa Inc.’ Has Lowest Ratings Ever

Seth Rogen is a Hollywood leftist who smokes a lot of weed. It’s pretty much his only claim to fame, and he won’t shut up about it. Another thing Rogen does is insult and attack conservatives.

He’s a self-righteous liberal of the worst kind, and all the films he’s made reflect this. His latest film is called Santa Inc. It’s nothing but a woke insult to Christians and everyone who celebrates Christmas.

Now, it’s getting absolutely thrashed in reviews.

Santa Inc. Sucks!

This film came out a few days ago on December 2. The main characters are an elf called Candy Smalls and Santa. The voice of Smalls is done by fanatical pro-abortion leftist Sarah Silverman and the voice of Santa is done by Rogen.

The story is about how Santa is a rude, white, right-wing type guy who’s about to retire and Smalls wants to become the new Santa. The North Pole is full of mean white guys who don’t respect women, however, and it’s hard for her.

Insert woke jokes and rude cursing all over the place. It doesn’t sound like much of a Christmas movie, does it? Santa Inc. has already been swamped by awful reviews.

In fact, it has the worst ratings ever recorded on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) at 1.1 out of 10. Also, on the review site Rotten Tomatoes, it got an audience rating of 3% who liked it.

Rogen claims the bad ratings are because of “white supremacists.” His evidence for this? The fact people called out the woke racism and stupidity of his movie.

The Real Reason People Hate Santa Inc. 

The real reason people hate Santa Inc. is it’s a very rude and offensive movie about how white conservatives are evil idiots. It’s full of gory and violent things that have nothing to do with Christmas and it’s a disgusting insult to people who celebrate Christmas everywhere.

This is basically a mockery of Christmas and everything it stands for, saying Christmas is just white supremacist and needs to be changed and made woke.

Audiences are reacting against this film because enough is enough. Having a rude sense of humor that’s shocking is fine. However, being a crude bully who attacks this country’s core holidays and traditions eventually crosses a line that shouldn’t be crossed.

People from all walks of life have had enough with Hollywood pissing all over American culture and all over the traditions and family celebrations that we love.

The Bottom Line

Seth Rogen is a woke idiot. He can play the victim here, but he’s nothing but a crude bully. He deserves every bad review he gets on Santa Inc. 

Here’s hoping Hollywood gets the message and stops churning out woke trash.