Jealous ‘View’ Host Attacks Meghan McCain’s Marriage

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be full of sweetness and love. It can be a sad time for those who are single, but people understand it’s a day when couples like to celebrate their union.

One of those couples is the daughter of the late Senator John McCain and former View host Meghan McCain. She married Federalist publisher Ben Domenech in 2017 during a ceremony at the McCain ranch in Sedona, Arizona.

Yesterday on Valentine’s Day, McCain shared a photo of herself and Domenech, stating her love and affection for him, but not everyone was feeling the love.

View Host Attacks McCain

McCain left The View last year after cohost Joy Behar savagely insulted her on air. McCain had come back from maternity leave and was feeling nervous, when liberal shrew Behar told her she hadn’t been missed.

She later had a panic attack and threw up, feeling alienated and unwanted in the hostile leftist environment of the ABC show.

Now, after sharing the photo of her and Domenech, McCain was met with more hostility from Behar. Behar sarcastically remarked on the photo, saying it was weird for couples to plaster their happiness all over the internet.

In response to a comment from someone asking why couples felt the need to put photos of themselves online and show off, Behar agreed, remarking “apparently” it was some sort of compulsion they had.

Her sarcastic, hate-filled comment couldn’t have been clearer. The shriveled-up old lady hates Domenech and McCain; their happiness enrages her.

McCain Responds

McCain responded by pointing out how sad it is for someone to be spending Valentine’s Day “trolling” a former coworker about their relationship.

McCain and Domenech have one child called Liberty, who was born in September 2020. However, they’ve had a tough time, including a previous miscarriage which was difficult for both.

McCain talking about her love may be cringe to some, but as she noted, it’s very “creepy” for a former coworker to follow you around online, commenting on your personal life.

The fact of the matter is the McCain family isn’t always popular with conservatives either, especially the America First crowd who remembers the way John McCain disliked Donald Trump.

However, the difference is conservatives will hear someone out without personally attacking them.

The arrogant hosts of The View treated McCain like a dirty leper from the moment she set foot on the show, casting sidelong glances and sneers at her every chance they got.

Cohost Whoopi Goldberg, who recently got suspended for downplaying the Holocaust, was one of those who began to openly mock and disrespect McCain for not being fully liberal.

The Bottom Line

Congratulations, Ben and Meghan. Don’t pay attention to the haters; they’re just jealous about the happiness you’ve found!