Liberal Congressman Comes Out Strongly Against Holding 2022 Winter Olympics in China

Al-Sisi in Washington - Egyptian President Seeks Support for Power Grab by POMED is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Democrats are far from having any moral weight.

Their party is actively working to ruin this country, prevent people from working, and turn the American Dream into an American Nightmare.

Although, even a broken clock is right twice a day, and the latest example comes from Democrat Congressman Tom Malinowski of New Jersey.

The topic is holding the 2022 Winter Olympics in China. Many have suggested a boycott, but Malinowski took it a step further during a CNN interview.

In addition to saying that China is actively “committing a genocide” against the Uighur people, Malinowski said that having the 2022 Olympics there is “in some ways worse” than when the 1936 Olympics were held in Nazi Germany (since the genocide hadn’t started yet in Germany at that time).

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‘I Don’t Want Them to Lose This Experience’

Malinowski said a bill he’s introducing boycotts the Olympics by going after any companies who sponsor the Olympics. This occurs by barring these companies from any government contracts, but still gives athletes the chance to take part if they want, since Malinowski said “I don’t want [the athletes] to lose that experience.”

It’s not quite clear how that would work to still hold the Olympics but punish sponsors; presumably, it would just force China and Chinese companies to spend a lot more and make the games overall a lot worse and financially weakened. 

With around 600,000 Americans dead from COVID-related illness and pressure heating up to investigate where exactly the virus came from, Malinowski’s comments come at a tense time. 

As a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Homeland Security Committee, Malinowski has access to some hard information about China. He understands how they want to not only bring down America, but also kill any opposition to the communist ideology inside their own country. 

 Malinowski Weighs in on COVID’s Origins

In addition, now that it’s “safe” to do so and Trump can’t take credit, Democrats are coming out of the woodwork to admit that COVID probably came from a Chinese lab. 

Malinowski is no different, admitting in the same interview that “more likely than not, [COVID] emerged” from a lab in China.

He went on to call this “the worst cover up in human history” that the Chinese government actively worked to cover up while interfering with investigations into the matter.

Malinowski is 100% correct; it’s good that he’s calling out China directly for their murderous lies and coverup of COVID. 

His bill that bans any businesses that sponsor the 2022 Beijing Olympics from doing business with the US government is also a smart move; it has one of its justifications as China’s COVID coverup. There should be more legislation like this coming down the pipeline. 

This is what Congress should be coming together on and focusing on.