Liberal Comedian Trevor Noah TRASHES Joe Biden

Trevor Noah is a South African comedian who’s about as liberal as they come. His whole career since coming to America and taking over Jon Stewart’s Daily Show has basically just been bashing conservatives.

Though now, Noah is turning some heads with his latest segments. First of all, he mocked COVID vaccine makers for not being responsible for the effects of their drugs and asked some questions that made the establishment uncomfortable.

Now, he’s coming out with some harsh jokes about Joe Biden and our current crisis in terms of gas prices.

Noah Mocks Biden’s Incompetence

Noah was talking about the recent situation when Biden tried to call the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia to ask for more oil. The leaders of these countries heard it was him calling and said no thanks.

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) even reportedly chimed in that he has “nothing to say” to Biden. These calls actually mattered a lot.

With the war in Ukraine raging and the US blocking Russian oil, we have only two real choices right now. Unlock our domestic energy production or go begging to foreign dictatorships like Saudi Arabia.

Yet, when even Saudi Arabia won’t take the call of the president of the United States, you know you have a real problem on your hands.

Noah joked that Biden goes to bed at 4 p.m. and is a low-energy individual who can’t even get a Middle Eastern oil banana republic to take his call!

That’s what Noah mocked, making the point that the Saudis never would have done something like that under President Trump. He’s absolutely right.

Noah Jokes About How Trump Would Have Responded

As Noah said, Trump would never have put up with this kind of disrespect from a bunch of oil-soaked creeps. Trump would have done something unpredictable and hurtful to Saudi Arabia if they treated him that way, Noah noted.

Maybe he would have “blocked” your country everywhere, bombed your country, or tweeted something that got the whole world furious at you.

With Saudi Arabia recently mass-beheading 81 people in public including political opponents, there is plenty of content for people to get furious about if anyone cared to try to showcase it more.

The Bottom Line

Noah is not suddenly turning conservative. He’s still as left as they come and will probably volunteer for AOC or someone down the road as a face of her campaign.

Though even people like Trevor Noah, ensconced in the heart of liberal NYC and surrounded by chattering propaganda about conservatives, can’t help but notice something is very wrong with Joe Biden.

He’s weak, he’s incorrect, he’s letting us down and he’s allowing the whole world to laugh at us just like Trump said they would. 

The problem is the joke is starting to get really unamusing, because we the American people are the butt of this joke!