Liberal Actor Sean Penn Comes Out Against His Own Side

Sean Penn is a Hollywood liberal, like most of his fellow actors. Yet, he still has eyes and ears, and even Penn is able to notice that something is very wrong in America.

He has the wealth and voice to speak out. Recently, Penn did exactly that, leading to outrage among many progressives.

What he said is very simple and very true, but it’s not what the left wants to hear right now. Penn told them to their faces, regardless.

Penn Says American Men are Becoming ‘Wildly Feminized’

Penn has a new film called Flag Day.

It’s about a dad who makes fake money and does various tricks and crimes to help provide a decent life for his daughter. The movie stars Penn and his daughter, Dylan.

Speaking about the film to the media, Penn opened up about his views on our culture today, saying American guys have gotten “wildly feminized.”

According to Penn, men who take off pants to put on dresses have “cowardly genes” that make them try to become women.

Penn wasn’t done yet, either. He went on to say that the fuss over toxic masculinity is fake.

As he said, being a real man has nothing to do with “disrespecting women” and brutish behavior. The idea that too much masculinity makes you hate and hurt women is false, Penn said.

As Penn also said, the idea that women are intimidated and upset by manly men is absurd and offensive to women.

This dose of truth left the interviewer stunned and has conservatives agreeing with Penn. After all, the truth is right even if it’s told by a liar and Penn is 100% correct on this.

Men are becoming way too soft, and being a real man has nothing to do with hurting or disrespecting women.

In fact, it’s the exact opposite, despite the leftist media’s attempt to twist our understanding of gender.

Penn Puts It All Out There

Penn wasn’t done speaking on controversial topics, either.

He went on to talk about the COVID vaccines, which he strongly supports. He said people’s “privilege” doesn’t give them the right to deny science and just believe whatever they want.

I did warn you that Penn is a leftist, didn’t I? He may be right, but he’s clearly got a lot of thinking left to do on the increasingly ineffective and dangerous, experimental COVID vaccines.

The thing about Penn is he’s a bundle of contradictions. He loves Venezuela’s dead socialist dictator Hugo Chavez, but hates cancel culture.

He doesn’t want men to stop being men, but he wants everyone to bow down and take a shot because Dr. Fauci says so.

It sounds like Penn needs to get his thoughts organized, but we can still nod in agreement on what he’s pointing out here about the modern collapse of real masculinity.