Leftists Try to Defend Biden on Gas Prices, Get Wrecked

The Democrat Party is like a blind donkey thrashing around in a manure-filled stall. It has nothing to offer but crap, and its loud, aggressive noises confuse and upset everyone. Even those who like the donkey are getting tired of its jackass behavior.

One of the top power groups for the Democrats is the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). Their job is to get Democrats elected and keep people liking them. Spoiler alert: they’re not doing a very good job.

Their latest stunt about gas prices has everyone across the political spectrum laughing their faces off. Here’s what happened…

The DCCC Beclowns Itself

The DCCC decided to back up Joe Biden and talk about how he’s doing a pretty good job on keeping gas prices down. In fact, they say his policies have brought gas prices down by an average of two cents each gallon.

Wow! In addition to this being a laughably small amount of money that is only accurate when you twist the graph sideways and distort the numbers, it’s also a lie.

Gas prices went down a tiny bit recently because this supposed new type of COVID has people staying in a bit more and temporarily calmed demand. However, these manipulative leftists couldn’t help themselves.

They needed to worship the Biden regime and talk about how it’s pretty good. So, they put up a hilarious graph divided by each half a cent and thanked their Great Leader. The rest of America laughed their faces off.

The Truth About Gas Prices

The DCCC’s misleading graph is just political games. This is fairly normal, but what’s embarrassing is how a middle schooler can see through it. The price went down about two cents and it isn’t even because of Biden.

People from the left and right, including even CNN’s anti-Trump fanatic Daniel Dale, remarked on how stupid and false the graph was. This is almost as stupid as when the White House said people would be spending 16 cents less on July 4, thanks to Biden.

So let’s get real: Gas prices are insane. Food prices are insane. Our country is in a Democrat-caused slump. All the spending in the world will never make socialism a good idea. 

The Bottom Line

This country is being dragged around in the mud and told it’s a day at the spa. We’re being fed endless lies and propaganda in order to support an illegitimate regime.

You don’t need to be a conservative or support the Republican Party to see there’s something very wrong going on and this high spending spree can’t last.

Eventually, reality is going to come knocking, and when it does, then these Soviet-level tactics like the DCCC graph are going to be even more ridiculous, looking back.