Leftists Giving Out Free Crack Pipes in Vending Machines

Addiction and vice is growing all over the country with full government approval. In New York City, it is now possible to find vending machines giving out free crack pipes and overdose spray.

Take a walk, pick up a crack pipe: this is Joe Biden’s America. Yes, that’s right you read it!

Crack Pipes and Narcan For the Masses

The left set up these self-service machines around New York, but unlike drinks, they’re full of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Ashwin Vasan, NYC’s health commissioner, went public with this new Democratic contraption, saying they’re helpful for public health. The machines give away free-of-charge items that will continue feeding the drug addict industry.

To get an idea, users can acquire free drug test strips, Narcan overdose spray, nicotine gum, crack pipes, condoms, and lip balm. Finally, the machines also have a first aid kit.

This is definitely an important last item, but I doubt its syringes will be used for the same purposes they were designed.

Stopping Overdoses?

According to leftist claims, these machines could be the solution to stop or slow the number of overdose deaths. The reality is a lot different.

This is simply a new way for addicts to buy products for free and resell them to generate money to buy other types of drugs that the machines don’t yet provide.

Each machine cost $11,000. This is taxpayer money helping worsen America’s already horrible drug problem. The machines have been put in homeless shelters, near methadone clinics, and in other high-need areas.

Jared Klickstein, a recovering addict, said this measure only further aggravates the plight of addicts.

Many who were in the process of recovering are now deciding to give drugs another try since they have all the gear they need right in front of them for free.

‘The Catastrophe the Democrats Have Caused’

Last year, over 100,000 people died of drug overdoses, many from Chinese made fentanyl.

As Senator Ted Cruz said, this is a “surrender” for the problem Democrats have made so much worse with their cashless bail, open borders, and soft-on-drugs insanity.

It seems more and more like America is being customized to fit the needs of Hunter Biden.