Leftists Are Now Targeting Pickup Trucks and SUVs

There is nothing quite so American as a nice big pickup truck with a powerful engine. Not only is a pickup truck or SUV a convenient way to get around, but it’s also handy for doing work around the property and home repairs or yard work.

Whereas now the far left says that pickup trucks and SUVs are too dangerous. The far left is now targeting their anger at the U.S. pickup trucks and SUVs, claiming they are examples of toxic masculinity.

For what reason?

What’s Wrong With Pickup Trucks?

Various leftist advocacy groups and think tanks claim that combustion engines are highly harmful to the environment, as well as the owners who possess them frighten society.

On Monday, January 30, retired U.S. Lt. Col. and director of national initiatives at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Chuck Devore, published an article on Federalist, expressing his opinion on the matter.

DeVore made a comparison between the explicit anger of the left and the pickup trucks relating to the right of possession of weapons and 2A rights. Both are under attack.

He raised the fact that there are constitutional laws regarding the possession and use of weapons, unlike the right to buy and own vehicles.

Though here’s the truth: a citizen of America has every right and free arbitration to choose and buy the vehicle that pleases them without fear of breaking a law. It is the absolute right of Americans to circulate freely in their own country.

Devore also pointed out that this campaign of leftists against the use of trucks brings a certain insecurity; after all, much of the highways belong to the government.

Leftists claim large pickup trucks are extremely frightening and hurt people and the environment.

Leftist Canadian politician Mathew Bond even recently called large pickups an example of “petromasculinity” and said they are unnecessary and glorify “violence.”

What Does the Research Show?

Opponents of trucks and SUVs have recently brought to the public research showing data on fatal accidents involving trucks and other large vehicles. This subject has worried large companies in the industry.

On its Twitter page, the leftist advocacy group, Transportation Alternatives, said pickup trucks and SUVs have led to three times more death than small vehicles.

They also said New York should take steps to slow the flow of such vehicles soon and disagreed with a photo of Joe Biden in a large electric Hummer.

This is Bizarre…

This kind of incitement is speech in which a political group is saying people who own pickup trucks are dangerous and violent.

That’s obviously bizarre and has no relation to the truth. Americans have the right to choose what to drive and our economy thrives on pickups.

Now, excuse me, I’m going to go over there and buy another truck. Have a great day and a good drive.