Leftist TV Host Whoopi Goldberg Goes on Sickening, Anti-Jewish Rant

Whoopi Goldberg is a leftist TV host who airs her silly opinions on a show called The View. Very few people actually watch The View, but it’s an important symbol of the mainstream media and “acceptable” opinions.

Think of it as a brainwashing program for suburban wine moms to tell them what they’re allowed to think and why. The panel of liberal shrews shouts and complains about whatever is in the news and generally nods and agrees with each other.

They sometimes take on a token conservative host like Meghan McCain to provide a fake idea of “dialog.” Yet, now Goldberg has taken a step too far, even for her fellow View liberals.

She made the mistake of revealing her true, racist views that lie under the surface. What she said is very disturbing and ignorant, to say the least.

Goldberg: Holocaust Was Just ‘White People’ Problems

The View was discussing the Holocaust because of a school in Tennessee banning the graphic novel Maus. The school stopped teaching the book because it has swearing, nude scenes, and a portrayal of suicide.

Goldberg was commenting on how strange it was to be offended by some adult-oriented parts of Maus.

Then, she said what was truly insane; she claimed the Holocaust was not related to race and that Jews and gypsies are just “two white groups.” Goldberg wasn’t done yet, saying the Holocaust was just about people being “inhuman” to each other.

Goldberg is Dead Wrong

The Holocaust was done by the Third Reich to get rid of people of the Jewish race from Germany and the areas it took over. Many people were taken to concentration camps, gassed, and killed, regardless of their identity.

Ancestral records and family tree charts were studied by the Nazis to look into someone’s background.

Jews, including those who had converted to Christianity, as well as atheists and others who didn’t even take part in Jewish culture or religious festivals, were slaughtered by the hundreds of thousands.

They were killed specifically because of their racial background.

The Nazis were obsessed with Jewish intermarriage with white people and mischlings (mixed) Jewish people. They had a specific chart of an allowable amount of Jewish blood, and killed anyone who passed that limit.

The Holocaust was most definitely about race. Goldberg spit on the memory of six million dead Jews.

The Bottom Line

Goldberg said “sorry” for her ignorant comment, but it doesn’t matter. She exposed her ignorance and hate.

If she is not booted off The View and television for this kind of insane ignorance and hatefulness, then we know our culture has truly crossed the line into insanity.

It’s time for Goldberg to go. Maybe she can go read a history book or even just scan a basic summary of history for five minutes. We don’t need more hate on our TV screens.