Leftist ‘Tennessee Three’ Anti-2A Politician Busted For Past Rioting and Arrests

The summer of 2020 is still a traumatic memory for many Americans. It’s when the death of an ex-con named George Floyd caused the radical left to fly into an enraged fury and start burning down cities and looting.

This occurred even in some mid-sized cities and smaller communities, devastating local businesses and residents, including many minority-owned businesses.

One of those who helped lead the violence and got arrested was a man by the name of Justin Jones.

Jones, who is now a state representative in Tennessee, recently made headlines for getting booted out of the statehouse after interrupting legislature with an anti-Second Amendment protest.

Now, his dark history is coming to light.

A History of Violence

Long before Jones and several of his colleagues shamefully piggybacked on a trans fanatic who killed six people at Covenant Christian college, there was a much darker history.

It involved the same slogan they shouted in the statehouse “no action, no peace!” The meaning is obvious: take action to ban guns or we’ll get violent and threaten you.

Jones is actually back in the statehouse now after a one-week suspension, successfully having used the moment to propel himself to fame for hating America.

Now, his history is being exposed including 14 past arrests during far-left protests, even back when President Trump was being sworn in as POTUS in 2020. This guy is a professional agitator.

The Day They Burned Nashville Down

On May 30, 2020, Jones was there shouting encouragement for protesters only five days after Floyd’s death. He encouraged them to make “white America feel the fire” and take “action.”

Rioters went on to set fire to the historic Nashville courthouse, propelled by this young extremist’s words. Now, he’s being worshiped by liberals for his desire to shred the Constitution and take away 2A rights.

The Bottom Line

You simply can’t make this stuff up.

Every time the left creates a new hero and you look slightly below the surface, you find a fuming, insane radical who hates this country and believes it is racist.