Leftist Journalist Attacks Family of Fallen Marine

There’s a reason so many Americans hate the liberal media. It’s not just the lies, the propaganda, and the fake news; it’s also the constant hate and bad energy coming off these people.

Liberal journalists fill our nation with hate and resentment, spreading fake controversy and dividing America in order to get ratings and laugh at brunch with their Brooklyn and DC friends.

The latest example comes from Heather Caygle, a clueless idiot journalist who works for the mainstream media publication Politico. She’s supposed to be a “serious” political correspondent; however, Caygle just revealed what a hate-filled, immature psychopath she truly is for the whole nation to see.

What Did Caygle Do?

What Caygle did is this: she took the freedom brave American servicemen and servicewomen gave her to go on Twitter and viciously attack the Gold Star family of fallen Marine Sergeant Nicole Gee.

Gee is an American hero who died protecting the Kabul airport in late August. She was blown up by a terrorist suicide bomber while trying to get people to safety and stop the airport from being overrun.

Gee was there because the Biden regime completely botched its pullout from Afghanistan, abandoning thousands of Americans and Afghan allies. Although Gee lost her life in that attack, she will never be forgotten!

Her family came to the US Capitol to meet the representative for their district in California and was being shown around by Republican Congressman Tom McClintock. There were nine altogether, taking a look at our nation’s most iconic buildings, with only two wearing masks.

Caygle saw a target and attacked, saying these people have no right to ignore the “mask requirement” and tours should be cancelled right now. When called out for being so callus about the family of a dead Marine, Caygle snapped back that the status of those being shown around has no influence on what the rules are.

I sincerely hope nobody has the misfortune of being in a romantic relationship with this creature Heather Caygle; let’s put it that way.

The Internet Reacts in Rage

The internet reacted in rage, with people telling Caygle why her comment was so hurtful. Others, such as conservative journalist Julio Rosas of Townhall, pointed out behavior like Caygle’s is the reason people are so angry at much of the media.

The statuary hall where Gee’s relatives were is a large and empty area, not some crowded public place. Some Democrats even joined in, with Democrat Congresswoman Virginia Foxx telling Caygle her behavior was “pathetic” and she should shut her mouth.

How true that is.

It’s also true Caygle never whined when Pelosi wore no mask, shaking many people’s hands recently. It’s something people like Pelosi do all the time.

No, Caygle just wants to attack a grieving family. She is sick. She is also typical of liberal journalists as a whole who are frankly some of the worst people on the entire planet.