Leftist Hollywood Loser Goes on Vicious Rant Against Ted Cruz

Ron Perlman is a typical Hollywood leftist who’s mainly known for playing reckless jerks on TV. That’s probably because it’s more or less who he is in real life.

Perlman is a masculine guy, for sure. However, instead of channeling his energy and strength into something positive, he’s put it into being a smug liberal who hates those who disagree with him.

His latest headlines are being made, as he went onto social media and recorded vile, profanity-filled rants against various conservatives, including Senators Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton.

Perlman’s Propaganda

Like other Hollywood leftists, Perlman believes he is on the right side of history and standing up to power. He completely ignores that the corporate power, media power, and political power are all aligned with his liberal, anti-American views.

For that reason, Perlman felt the need to go on social media and record a hate message for conservatives. The specific reason is the nomination hearings for Joe Biden’s Supreme Court pick Ketanji Jackson.

As a black woman who votes mostly left-leaning on issues, Jackson has become a darling of the left. They don’t care that other highly-qualified black women, like Janice Brown, were left behind for the Supreme Court.

In fact, Biden worked to filibuster Brown and prevent her path to the highest court in the land when she was put forward by President George W. Bush.

However, people like Perlman don’t care. They just want to call conservatives racist and swear like degenerate freaks. So, that’s what Perlman did.

Perlman Launches Vicious Tirade Against Ted Cruz

Speaking about Cruz, Perlman grins smugly before telling Cruz he’s a manipulative con man who feeds off the “lowest” Americans who can’t read and are racist pricks.

He says Cruz is a false patriot who takes advantage of hate. Perlman didn’t like Cruz’s questions for Jackson, so he decided to just start insulting him.

Then, Perlman gets really warmed up, telling Cruz he has a “small d**k,” but is becoming a “bigger prick” by the day. You can see the video here…

Perlman Attacks Tom Cotton

Perlman wasn’t done there, either.

He also went after Tom Cotton for asking tough questions of Jackson. He calls Cotton a “white slaver” and claims he enslaves his own staff and is a racist piece of excrement.

With no proof, Perlman alleges that Cotton, a veteran, is no longer part of any country he wants to be in and says it’s proof that America should separate into conservative and liberal states.

You know what, Ron Perlman, after watching these disgusting videos, maybe you’re right about that last part.

Bottom Line

The left is filled with hate. It wants to bully and push the right into joining their soft-on-crime, race-obsessed, globalist agenda. We won’t do it…ever.