Leftist Hackers Dox Freedom Convoy Donors

Canada’s Freedom Trucker Convoy has gotten attention around the world. It sent Canadian leader Justin Trudeau into hiding and occupied the center of Canada’s capital city of Ottawa.

The protests also expanded to the main trade bridge between Canada and the US from Windsor to Detroit.

One of the biggest shocks of these protests came when US website GoFundMe shut down the donations from supporters of the truckers, rejecting all funds.

For that reason, the freedom fighters switched to GiveSendGo, a Christian-based crowdfunding service. Now that’s just been blown wide open…

The GiveSendGo Drama

First of all, it’s important to understand GiveSendGo is much smaller than GoFundMe. They started up in 2014 as an alternative to big crowdfunders like GoFundMe, which started injecting politics into their platform.

GoFundMe allowed radical leftists to raise as much money as they’d like, but was shutting down numerous conservative and pro-American fundraising efforts, as well as putting their own opinion on political matters. That’s where GiveSendGo stepped in.

During this trucker freedom situation, GiveSendGo has been repeatedly threatened. It was ordered by the Canadian province (state) of Ontario to cease all fundraising for the freedom convoy.

GiveSendGo refused, saying they were within the law to continue moving the money, as per American law.

At this point, it looked like Canada’s leftist government reached an impasse. Then, some far-left hackers stepped in to fill the void, pillaging into GiveSendGo’s servers to try to cause as much trouble as possible.

Far Left Hackers Take Apart GiveSendGo

While the Super Bowl was going on during Sunday night, far left extremists were operating online to hack GiveSendGo.

They succeeded in getting big lists of all those who donated, in order to incite people to harass them. They then released these lists, which Twitter and other social sites allowed.

When information important to our national security was released from Hunter Biden’s laptops, we were told it broke Twitter’s policy against hacked materials being put online. However, apparently, it’s fine when Antifa terrorists do it.

The hackers also managed to get the site offline for a while; although it’s since been recovered and is once again up and running.

Living in a Leftist Dystopia

We’re living in a leftist dystopia.

Those who try to do good and help are demonized and attacked. They are supported by the most powerful and wealthy members of society, who pretend to be acting on behalf of the common man.

Those who are extreme, radical, and hate freedom are given huge platforms to spread their hatred and incite violence.

When some folks come along to try to return us to sanity, like these truckers, the elite scramble into panic mode, doing everything they can to stop it.