Leftist Comedian Russell Brand Admits Trump was Right

Russell Brand is a British comedian and podcaster who’s never really fit into a political category. He’s definitely more on the left, but Brand also thinks for himself.

As we all know, independent thinking isn’t very well-liked on the liberal side. This has led to a few falling outs, and at this point, Brand is more of a one-man show with his podcast Under the Skin.

His latest statements have the left enraged. This occurred after Brand admitted the Trump Russia collusion narrative was bogus and the Clinton crime family and Democrat Party are full of crap.

Brand Bashes Clinton’s Lies

Brand’s latest comments come as the Department of Justice just brought charges against an attorney called Michael Sussmann who worked for Hillary Clinton.

This crooked lawyer lied to the FBI during the 2016 campaign in order to push the Trump Russia hoax and now he’s being held legally accountable.

Lies might be fine to spout all over CNN and MSNBC, but in a court of law, they can still carry consequences.

As Brand said, the news left him shocked. He has no choice but to admit the whole Russia collusion hoax was in fact a “Democrat conspiracy.” He’s right.

As Brand said, he is a leftist, but he can no longer believe the Democrats really stand for “diversity” or helping out ordinary people in any way. They have become extremely “corrupt” and are just full of propaganda now.

I sincerely hope Brand keeps digging and researching; he’s going to find the Democrats’ bloodthirsty, anti-human agenda goes very far back and is far from a new development.

As for the Clintons, my hope is that Brand doesn’t dig too far because the Clinton body count is a very real thing; it would be sad if something were to happen to Brand.

The Truth About Trump and Russia

The truth about the Trump Russia collusion narrative is it’s bull crap. Trump did previously have a desire to build a Trump tower in Moscow and did admire some of Vladimir Putin’s ability to be a strong leader, but that’s it.

He had no shadowy, secret plan hatched at the Kremlin or any of that nonsense the Democrats claimed. The new DOJ charges against Sussmann are coming out because Sussmann told the FBI he had evidence about Trump working with Russia.

However, he failed to tell the FBI he was also working with Clinton’s team. In other words, he shoveled partisan political lies to our highest domestic law enforcement agency to tar Trump. Now, he’s getting nailed for it.

This Story Matters a Lot

As Brand notes, it’s not like the Trump Russia story was some sidenote: every celebrity was obsessed by it and going insane over it.

To find out proof it was untrue and someone is facing charges over spreading it to the FBI should be extremely huge news.

Like Brand also said, this makes you wonder what other untrue things you’ve been told by the Democrat establishment and its media allies.