Leftist Comedian Howard Stern Has a Very Rude Message for the Unvaxxed

Howard Stern has made a career out of speaking his mind. He’s gotten rich from insulting people, while also making others laugh.

Love him or hate him, you have to admit Stern has previously dealt with a lot of hate because of speaking his mind.

However, like so many comedians and celebrities, Stern is a conformist at heart. He’s too cowardly to really stand out from the crowd when it counts.

On COVID-19, he couldn’t be more of a fall-in-line conformist authoritarian. This is why it’s no surprise that Stern recently made comments which crossed the line into a death threat.

Stern to the Unvaxxed: If You Have a Medical Emergency, Stay Home and Die

Stern has already made it clear that he thinks no unvaccinated people should get access to hospitals. This includes emergency treatment for completely unrelated things. Say that you break your leg or have another emergency? Too bad.

Now, responding on his radio show to a caller who asked what should happen to those with COVID who come to the hospital without the vaccine, Stern made an even harsher statement.

The caller said should these people still not be treated if the cost was letting COVID spread further through the population. Stern said no unvaxxed person should get access to a hospital in any situation.

He said “conspiracies” against the vaccine are idiotic and don’t do anything bad to you. Numerous documented cases of people getting serious injuries and dying of the COVID vaccine directly contradict Stern’s statement.

However, he doesn’t care: if you don’t get the COVID vaccines in “his America,” Stern said you should “go home and die,” instead of getting into any hospital.

The Medical Bio-Fascism That Leftists Want

Stern has also ranted against Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic for not getting the COVID vaccines and being deported from Australia.

According to Stern, Djokovic’s past catching of COVID and immunity, along with personal medical issues about the vaccine, are idiotic and irrelevant.

Stern’s comments are actually clarifying because they show the true face of the mainstream left: hateful of personal freedom, hateful of facts, hateful of helping others who don’t agree with them.

Let’s be clear: if the official line on vaccines is true, then they greatly reduce mortality (statistics call that more and more into question by the day). If this was true, then why would the unvaccinated be a particular danger to the vaccinated?

The vaccinated get and spread COVID. How is this the fault of the unvaccinated, particularly the unvaccinated who have never had COVID and do not have COVID?

They should be turned away from a hospital for a heart attack because Howard Stern hates them? This is insane.