Leftist Canadian Professor Exposed for Faking Her Race

Canada is basically what happens if you take the US and subtract 99% of the conservatives. It’s a country where progressives control everything and even the “Conservative” party is a bunch of leftist dolts.

The country is currently being run by a globalist pretty boy called Justin Trudeau who’s shattered the economy and locked everyone indoors, forcing the COVID vaccines on them.

Another one of Canada’s obsessions is race. Upper-class, white liberal Canadians love to focus on race and talk about race. Now, one of the top experts for Native (Indian) Canadians has been caught red-handed pretending to be an Indian.

Meet Carrie Bourassa

Carrie Bourassa is one of Canada’s top experts on Native Indian health. She advises the government and does important research at university on subjects about improving life for Native Canadians.

Part of her credibility comes from her longstanding claim to be Metis, which means mixed white and Native. Bourassa has long claimed to be from the Anishinaabe tribe.

She’s given TED talks and other public events, speaking about her hard childhood and the rest of fitting in the narrative. Then, in the past couple of years, she also started tacking on additional tribes that sounded pretty cool.

Her coworkers felt it was strange, and also noted her strong efforts to dress in traditional Native clothing and play up her background. One of them began researching Bourassa’s ancestry and found out something that should surprise none of us:

She’s about as Native Indian as Elizabeth Warren. She’s as white as the pure driven snow and was faking it all along.

Bourassa Gets Booted

Bourassa got exposed for not being what she claimed to be. She was then relieved of several consulting positions with Canada’s government. She began trying to backtrack and say she was an “adopted” Metis person, but this story also fell through.

Now, she’s just another Rachel Dolezal, with nothing to show for her trouble but a lot of embarrassment. If Bourassa was just some mentally ill woman claiming to be Indian, nobody would care much.

However, she was a prestigious researcher and professor at the University of Saskatchewan. She did important work for the government at the Institute of Indigenous People’s Health.

Now, it turns out she was a complete fraud. What is it with liberal white women and pretending to be a minority? It’s truly getting exhausting at this point.

Back to Basics

Readers may recall when President Trump pressured Elizabeth Warren into doing a DNA test and admit she’d been lying about being Native Indian. Bourassa got smoked out just by going overboard with her story and getting too into the costumes.

At the end of the day, these self-hating liberal people are jokes and we should all laugh at them. The only problem is their negative impact on our lives is not a joke.