Leading Leftist Samantha Bee Gets Her TBS Show Scrapped

On Monday, July 25, after seven seasons, TBS canceled “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee,” an Emmy-award-winning show focused on liberal political commentary and jokes.

In a thank-you note, TBS said it is proud to have been home to the series and congratulated Bee and her team on their work.

Full Frontal’s Twitter account confirmed the decision on Monday afternoon.

Can I just be fully honest here, filter off?

The most amazing part of this news is Full Frontal lasted for seven years and we have enough people in this country who enjoy watching this woman speak to have made it last that long.

Why Was Full Frontal Cancelled?

Bee’s tweet expressed being grateful for the years of production on the show and wished everyone well.

Full Frontal was well-known for Bee’s shrill style of self-righteous political commentary. She repeated well-worn, Democratic talking points, night in and night out, marketing them as original insights and critiques.

When President Trump did not attend the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 2017, Bee put out a counterattack show mocking Trump and focused on her dislike of him that same evening.

She also made her own controversial news in 2018 when she called Ivanka Trump a “feckless c–t” for having different political beliefs than her.

Bee is 52 and was born in Toronto, Canada.

She is a centrist liberal who spent most of the seven years of her show doing what other late-night “comedians” now do: cheerleading abortion and degeneracy, spreading hate toward conservatives, and inciting violence and misinformation about the challenges and realities facing our nation.

Good work, Samantha!

Late Night is Going Down

The scrapping of ‘Full Frontal’ follows a growing number of cancellations of latenight liberal comedy hosts. Conan O’Brien split last year from TBS as well, while Lilly Singh also parted ways with her network, NBC.

James Corden is quitting from the Late Late Show next year as well.

In a statement, a Bee representative told The Washington Post that she made television history. The rep said Bee opened doors for female voices in what has traditionally been, and remains, a predominantly masculine world.

He went on to say the show is crucial for female representation. It is a place where Bee and her team boldly use political satire to entertain, inform and empower viewers, and, in return, still address delicate questions about women.

Could the representative have also maybe explained why women must agree to be “represented” by someone who is painfully unfunny?

Is the representative a sexist who believes women can’t be funny? Is that why Bee was pushed so hard on an unwitting public who were victimized by her cruelly unfunny show?

The Bottom Line

Samantha Bee’s show never should have made it out of the womb of pre-production. It should have been aborted after the first pitches were made.

The fact it lasted seven seasons is a very sad testament to the state of our “entertainment” and “comedy” industries!