Leading Funny Man Bob Saget Dies Unexpectedly

We can’t hide from bad news when it comes, and unfortunately, this is one of those days. Leading comedian and funny man Bob Saget died unexpectedly after being found unresponsive in an Orlando hotel room.

The beloved comic was excited to be on tour; the news of his death has hit his family hard, especially his new wife Kelly Rizzo, and his kids.

Saget died on Sunday at 65-years-old. The news is only being confirmed now, with his family noting this good-hearted man was “everything” to them and they’ll never forget him.

Tragic News for All

Saget was known for his various roles in hosting comedy shows like Full House and America’s Funniest Home Videos on his tours. He recently remarried younger 42-year-old actress Rizzo in 2018 and the two joked about their age difference.

America’s dad had been wed to Sharri Kramer before marrying Rizzo and the two had three daughters: Jennifer, Lara, and Aubrey. For her part, Rizzo said she and Saget started talking after he direct messaged her on Instagram in 2015.

The two of them really hit it off. Rizzo said she thinks they were compatible because their relationship was never superficial. From the start, he was refreshed she was a Midwestern girl who “actually does stuff” and had a cooking show and interests.

Saget previously talked about his growing relationship with Rizzo and how marrying a “beautiful food influencer” was a great thing in his life, but led to him never getting to use his own kitchen.

America’s dad always knew how to make us laugh, and let’s be honest: his passing away is a very, very bad start to 2022.

Sympathy Pours In

Sympathy is pouring in for Saget from across Hollywood and people from all walks of life who loved him and laughed with him.

It’s not yet clear what caused Saget’s death. He was out on his tour, saying he loved it, and was altogether doing very well.

He just finished his show the night before in Jacksonville and was staying at the Ritz in Orlando when he was found on Sunday afternoon the next day, not responding.

Saget commented on the show in Jacksonville on Sunday morning, saying it was an “appreciative” crowd and he was loving being back on tour and getting “addicted” to show business once again.

Rest in Peace, Bob

It’s always sad when anyone passes away. The death of celebrities can strike a chord across society, because they’re people who remind us of times we shared and nostalgic memories from the past.

Saget’s death is definitely a sad start to 2022; this is a very hard time for his family and everyone who knew and loved him.

Rest in peace, Bob.