Leading Far Left Lunatic Fired From CNN After Shocking Reports

On Monday, April 24, CNN anchor Don Lemon was fired. Why was he let go?

According to the station, Lemon mistreated his co-workers with snide and sexist comments. Lemon was let go after 17 years within the company.

Fired in the Most Humiliating Way

According to reports, Lemon arrived to host his usual show, CNN This Morning. Shortly after the show ended, his agent informed him that he was no longer employed at CNN.

Lemon said he was extremely stunned by the end of his relationship with CNN.

On his Twitter page, Lemon vented and said CNN could have shown the decency of a company employee informing him of his firing and not his own agent. It never crossed Lemon’s mind that he was going to have to stop working at CNN.

He said he loved his job and the company he had been with for many years. It’s no wonder since they let him lie and do his drama queen act with no interruptions.

Lemon ended his post, hinting there were bigger reasons to justify his dismissal.

CNN Responds

In response, on Monday afternoon, CNN spoke out and said Lemon refused to attend a meeting in which he would be privy to his real reason for being fired.

Later, in an official statement, CNN mentioned the firing and thanked Lemon for his years of dedication to the company. It further wished him a prosperous future…but, apparently, far from them!

CNN reported that the morning show will continue as normal and will be hosted by anchors Kaitlan Collins and Poppy Harlow.

Since February, Lemon’s professional stance has been questioned. That’s because he made snide comments about Nikki Haley and the dress she wore to her daughter’s wedding.

At the time, Lemon said Haley should not be considered a woman in her prime, because according to him, a woman in her prime is between 20, 30 , and at most 40. Haley is 51.

After that, the network said Lemon would undergo training regarding his sexist comments, but now it’s all over either way.

The Bottom Line

CNN chose to go ahead and put an end to the relationship with Lemon after the network learned of the mistreatment the anchor committed for years with his co-workers.

My grandmother used to say: there is no relationship without respect!

Lemon showed a lack of respect for everybody who came on the show, not to mention the past allegations against him of grabbing a man’s genitals in a New York bar in public.

He took out his own paranoid delusions and psychological issues on those around him, instead of analyzing the news. Good luck to Lemon in his future career. Let’s hope it’s far from the news business.