Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Just Had a Big New Revelation

Last year, teenager Kyle Rittenhouse shot and killed two rioters; Rittenhouse wounded another one after being violently attacked in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Now, he’s on trial for murder and other charges…and the prosecution is doing terribly.

The reason the Rittenhouse defense is going so well can’t be fully credited to his lawyer, however. It has a lot more to do with the fact Rittenhouse has the law on his side. It’s not a crime to defend your life in the United States of America.

As much as the left wants to create a country where you have to let yourself be murdered by criminals, Antifa, or BLM thugs in order to not be racist, we thankfully still live in a nation where that’s not the case.

The prosecution is failing badly to prove Rittenhouse wanted to murder anyone. Instead, they just keep sinking their own case more and more.

What’s Happening in the Trial?

So far in the trial, Rittenhouse’s defense is doing very well. The reason is his shooting of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber is looking more and more like it was self-defense.

Rittenhouse shot the two of them when they began chasing him down and after Huber tried smashing Rittenhouse to death in the head with his skateboard.

Rittenhouse decided he didn’t want to die and unloaded his rifle at the two psychopaths, killing both and wounding a third violent man called Gage Grosskreutz by blowing off his bicep.

There’s another part of this story, however. This is the fact the FBI had an overhead airplane surveilling the scene with video from the night of the shootings. There is also footage from Grosskreutz’s cellphone.

The main person investigating what happened last August is Martin Howard. It’s unclear why he’s not allowing footage from the night to be released; however, it seems he’s in tight with leftist officials in Wisconsin who were involved in this case.

The implication is obvious. Howard doesn’t want video entered into the trial record which shows even more clearly that Rittenhouse was just defending himself.

What’s on the Video?

Apparently, the video shows Rittenhouse running to police and shouting he had no choice but to shoot because it was “self-defense.”

Is this something you say when you’re a violent “white supremacist” as the liberal media has been claiming for over a year now? I don’t think so.

It’s what a scared teenager says when forced to shoot older psychopaths who chased him down on a dark street at night to murder him and instead got their own one-way ticket to a permanent dirt nap.

The bottom line is the liberal media, big tech, and the Democrat machine all want Rittenhouse crucified. Yet, if we’re lucky, the facts of the case are going to win out over the biased investigation and prosecution team.