Kyle Rittenhouse Makes Big Move Against Far Left With New Lawsuit

Kyle Rittenhouse made national headlines in 2020 after he shot and killed two men in self-defense in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

This took place during Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa violence in the city after far-left men chased down Rittenhouse and tried to kill him. He was acquitted of the shootings; however, the father of one of his victims sued him afterward.

A third victim named Gaige Grosskreutz had his arm shot after chasing Rittenhouse down and pointing a handgun at him and is also suing Rittenhouse. However, the brave young man recently announced a counter-lawsuit against Grosskreutz.

The Truth About That Night in Kenosha

Video footage from the night of the shootings shows Grosskreutz pulling a handgun on Rittenhouse immediately before getting shot.

Grosskreutz drew the weapon on Rittenhouse’s face and was just about to blow his head off. The fact that Rittenhouse shot him is fully justified.

Grosskreutz admitted that he did this, which led to Rittenhouse being found not guilty, since you can’t be guilty of not wanting to die.

Nonetheless, after the trial and Rittenhouse being found innocent, Grosskreutz went on a pity party saying the shooting had made him sad (“emotional distress”) and that he’d been “humiliated” by having most of his bicep shot off.

That’s certainly one way to put it; although the biggest humiliation is to be part of a group like Antifa or BLM in the first place.

Why is Rittenhouse Counter-Suing?

Rittenhouse is counter-suing because the lawsuits from Anthony Huber’s dad John and from Grosskreutz are groundless. His suit against Grosskreutz in particular was a “justifiable” self-defense action, according to the GiveSendGo raising money on his behalf.

The “despicable” lawsuit against Rittenhouse is illegal because it uses the civil court to try to do a runaround to bypass criminal court where Rittenhouse was already found innocent.

Grosskreutz already admitted in court that he pulled a gun on Rittenhouse. His emotional distress and other “humiliation” is his own issue; his lawsuit is frivolous and false. He, therefore, needs to be countersued.

The Bottom Line

Self-defense is self-defense. Grosskreutz not only deserves to lose his lawsuit, but he also deserves to pay up big in this countersuit.