Kyle Rittenhouse Has Strong Words for Woke NBA Clown Lebron James

Kyle Rittenhouse killed two people and injured a third in the summer of 2020.

It occurred in Kenosha during anti-police protests. Rittenhouse was there to keep the peace, but got chased down by a violent child molester and domestic abuser who wanted to kill him.

Despite video evidence showing him being chased, liberal hotshots didn’t miss a chance to demonize Rittenhouse, finding him guilty in the court of public opinion. They also claimed he was a “white supremacist” with no evidence, a lie that found its way all the way up to Joe Biden.

Now, Rittenhouse has a response for one of the people who was the worst to him: NBA star Lebron James.

Rittenhouse to Lebron James: ‘F— You’

Lebron James is one of the left-wing, BLM supporters who was the worst to Rittenhouse during his two-week trial. The jury carefully considered all evidence, including Rittenhouse’s testimony, to reach their verdict, but James thought it was bogus.

In one tweet, he claimed Rittenhouse was fake crying on the stand and it was obvious he was guilty. Now, Rittenhouse is responding. He says he used to like the LA Lakers basketball team that James plays for, but that James’ comments upset him.

Despite having previously been a fan of James, Rittenhouse said James’ cruel bullying has now made him say “f— you” to the NBA star. It’s hard to blame Rittenhouse for his reaction.

Having been in a situation that would overwhelm almost any of us with the whole media and political establishment against him, Rittenhouse has been through intense stress.

Lebron James: the Fake Humanitarian

Lebron James really is a bully. He loves easy targets like Rittenhouse, but not once has he stood up against Communist China when it bullies the NBA. In fact, he made comments about how speaking up to defend democracy protesters in Hong Kong wasn’t smart.

He’s OK with a country that’s committing genocide and wants to invade the US profiting off his basketball games. Yet, he wants to mock a teen who had to defend himself from a mob and now has PTSD?

It sounds a lot like James might have a case of liberalism. It has a tendency to cause cruelty and blindness in its victims.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is Rittenhouse has every right to be angry at James. People like this arrogant NBA star have a certain image of themselves that is completely false.

They believe they are humanitarians and legendary human beings who make the world a better place. Yet, in reality, if you look at most of them, their views and influence on public life is just pushing far-left ideologies.

Will James hold himself accountable for the damage, violence, and murder that’s been committed by BLM? If he wants to call himself a supporter, he should fully stand behind everything the group has done.