Kooky Congresswoman Maxine Waters Says Vaccine Mandate is Coming

Congresswoman Maxine Waters is a strange and aggressive woman.She pushes journalists, swears at critics, incites and supports BLM violence; and has zero respect for our Constitution.

In other words, she’s a fairly typical Democrat. That’s why we should pay attention when this lady says that a vaccine mandate is on the way.

The Biden regime has already shown us they’re not scared to trample our rights. Why wouldn’t they start forcing us to illegally get a jab?

Waters: America is ‘Moving Toward’ Forced Vaccination

In a recent interview, Waters said that the country is “moving toward” requiring everyone to get the vaccine, since so many deaths are occurring even among “younger people.” Basically, disguising it as fake compassion, Waters said that it’s probably going to be necessary to start forcing people to get the jab.

This slippery liberal phrased it very carefully, of course, saying that we have to be open to the “proposition” that everyone gets the shot. Yet, the end result is the same: a knock on your door and a gun in your face if you don’t get the needle.

As we’ve seen in a country like Israel where over 90% of the population is vaccinated, the vaccines don’t actually work. In fact, more than 50% of those with severe COVID are vaccinated.

However, facts don’t stop the science-hating liberals of the Biden regime. They’re all about power, control and stomping on your freedoms.

Saving Your Life By Taking Your Freedom?

The argument of communists and tyrants is always the same: they need to take your freedom for your own good. It will be necessary to do what they say, just for now, in order to do what’s best for everyone.

The end result is always the same: they never let go of power until they’re forced to and very, very bad things happen along the way. None of us need another guided tour of the concentration camps, gulags, starving millions, and mass deaths of our past century to be reminded!

The communists and their leftist cousins are not doing any of this for your own good. They are doing it for power. Most of us realize that, which is why it’s so important to keep people updated with news like this so we keep the spotlight on freedom-hating freaks like Maxine Waters.

Calling Out Democrat Lies

When you hear a woman like Waters spew her nonsense about vaccine mandates, let’s be clear about one thing. This woman is not “connected” and she’s not part of some grand masterplan.

She’s a lackey and a servant of power. She’s repeating nonsense lies and idiocy from the ruling regime. She’s what communist murderer Leon Trotsky called a “useful idiot.”

Waters doesn’t know something you don’t. She’s just hoping for more access to power and privilege, in return for spewing more of the lies that are fed to her by the sickening traitors who are currently sitting in the Oval Office.