Kari Lake in Arizona CHALLENGES Midterm Election Results

After the certification of the outcome of the Arizona 2022 governor’s race, in which Katie Hobbs was declared the victor, Kari Lake decided to file a significant lawsuit in Arizona. 

Reasons For the Suit

On Friday, Lake and her team brought the lawsuit, in which they demanded in no uncertain terms that she be declared the victor of the race or that it be rerun.

In addition to other authorities, Hobbs and Stephen Richer, who is in charge of the electoral infrastructure for Maricopa County, have been listed as defendants. 

To recap, it claims that faults with the tabulation machinery led to votes being fraudulently counted, and it gives specific examples (such as double-counting).

In addition, it claims problems with the voting equipment at the polling stations led to long lineups, which in turn deprived citizens of their right to vote. The statement that follows is what the legal team representing Lake has to say about how the problem should be remedied. 

Lake’s legal team argues Lake obtained the highest number of votes, so she is deserving of the title of winner.

They also claim the election has to be redone in Maricopa County in order to get rid of the influence that improper management and illegal votes had on the vote counts provided by Maricopa County. 

It’s possible that some of the accusations Lake made have some basis in reality, but whether or not this is the case will entirely be determined by the facts her team is able to present. 

Likely Outcome

Democrats have maintained their position for a very long time that long lineups and disruptions on election day constitute an unlawful attempt to suppress the vote. 

The issue is, in the end, a voter retains some degree of agency. They have the option of waiting, or they can decide to depart at this time. That does not sum up to deprivation of voting rights.

In the state of Arizona, voters had the option of placing their paper ballots in a designated dropbox at their polling location. They are solely accountable for their choice to abstain from voting if they are concerned about how their vote would be counted. 

That is not the response that the majority of people are hoping to hear, but in half a year’s time, there will almost certainly be a shift in perspective. 

The question of whether or not there was an error in tallying the votes is more intriguing. The outcome of it is something that remains to be seen. In the end, everything hangs in the balance.

What are your thoughts about this? Do you agree with Kari Lake’s assertion? Or do you think the election results were fair and square? 

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.