Kari Lake Facing Criminal Charges for Bringing Up Voter Fraud in Arizona Midterms

Last year’s midterm elections in November led to disappointing results for Republicans. One state that didn’t go the way the GOP was hoping was the Grand Canyon State, that being Arizona.

The governor’s race led to particular controversy, with GOP candidate Kari Lake accusing her opponent, Katie Hobbs, of widespread voter fraud. Lake is now being pursued for charges due to her accusations.

Lake Under Fire

On Monday, January 30, Adrian Fontes, Arizona’s secretary-elect, and also a well-known drug cartel defense lawyer from Mexico, asked Kris Mayes, AZ’s attorney general, to investigate the legitimacy of Kari Lake’s election claims.

Today, February 1, the Arizona Court of Appeals begins the Lake case, in which it will bring out the truth regarding contesting election fraud.

Recently, Mayes stated the Electoral Integrity Unit will be a place to ensure voting is free, fair, and untinged by fraud. Mayes said this directory will combat all those who intimidate the electoral process and try to do things like eliminate votes by mail.

This puts in check, not only fraudulent elections but also the vote of good people, according to Mayes and the leadership.

Fontes’s request mentions Lake Kari’s tweet in which she alleges widespread mail-in fraud and shows a photo purporting to contain multiple fraudulent mail-in ballots.

What Is Lake Actually Guilty Of?

What Lake actually did was expose evidence of at least some voter fraud. Was it as widespread as she claimed? Perhaps not, but it certainly existed.

Gateway Pundit exuded shocking evidence of fraud in the Maricopa County election in 2022. Evidence shows extraordinary numbers of fraudulent ballots and votes that were not counted.

According to Fontes, Lake failed to comply with law ARS16-168 (f). Democrats want Mayes to take extreme action with Lake.

According to the group of lawyers at Salwin Law Group, crimes in the state of Arizona can be framed as misdemeanors, usually with mild penalties, or more serious crimes, which can penalize the culprit with losses of civil rights, voting, and even loss of 2A rights.

The Bottom Line

Allegations of voter fraud are no joking matter, that much is true. Lake never meant any of this as a joke and that’s why the left is still determined to go after her.

They want to intimidate and ruin her life so that anyone else who tries to speak up about their fraud keeps their mouth shut, instead of having their reputation and family harassed.

It remains for us now to follow up and see how this all unfolds, but it’s clear the crusade against America First, Trump, and supporters like Lake is alive and well.

As for Arizona itself, Hobbs is already running the state into the ground with her far-left policies.