Kamala Harris is Backing Murderers

Vice President Kamala Harris is perhaps the only person in America who gets even less respect than Joe Biden.

She’s made a fool out of herself everywhere she goes and become known for going on bizarre tangents that sound like a Grateful Dead groupie’s poetry after a night of revelry.

This woman is not fit for national leadership in any sense; that much is certain.

What’s even worse is that past support Harris gave to protesters in Minneapolis has now gotten people literally killed. Let’s rewind…

Remember the Summer of 2020?

Remember the summer of 2020? Hopefully, you weren’t living in downtown New York, Minneapolis, Houston, or many of the other cities that were burned, destroyed, and hit with massive riots.

These came after the death of George Floyd in police custody, with the liberal media and politicians promoting the provably false idea that police are systematically racist against black and non-white people.

One of those who wanted to cynically seize on this narrative was Harris herself. She tweeted out a link to a bail fund called the Minnesota Freedom Fund to help those “protesting on the ground.”

Peaceful protesting? Absolutely! There’s really nothing wrong with showing support for peaceful protesters or raising funds to help them.

Though that’s not what was happening. Minneapolis looked like the beginning stages of the Stalingrad invasion; there were fires popping up everywhere and widespread looting.

A police station had literally been torched. That’s when Harris wanted to help funnel funds to get these “protesters” out of jail?

Well, she got her wish. Now, more people are dead because it turns out when you free violent, deranged criminals in cynical service to your political narrative, they tend to go on and do more violent, deranged criminal acts that harm real people. 

Who could have guessed?

Freedom for Murderers!

Some of those who were helped out by the MN Freedom Fund were not happy little college students who just wanted to express their feelings about what they’d seen on CNN.

Some were hardened criminals who wanted to kill. One of them, Shawn Michael Tillman, committed homicide only three weeks after getting out of jail, thanks in part to the “Freedom Fund.”

Numerous other individuals helped by the fund went on to commit serious crimes including violent crimes like theft, rape, and attempted murder.

There was over $35 million in support put into that fund. Harris boosting it, along with over a dozen Biden campaign members contributing, is not something we should ever forget.

People are dead at Tillman’s hands, thanks in part to the freedom he received at Harris’ hands. This is no joke, not even a little bit.

We Are Led By Traitors

There’s no nice way to say this: America is being led by traitors. They are encouraging and supporting the worst elements of society in order to win elections and seize and keep power.

Individuals like Kamala Harris are a clear and present danger to the United States.