Kamala Harris Massively Humiliated During Interview with Charlamagne Tha God

VP Kamala Harris claims to be a champion of the black community.

She can’t go a day without acting like she’s right on the same page as her black brothers and sisters, even though she was born to activist immigrant parents from foreign countries.

Just like Joe Biden who said voters aren’t black if they don’t vote Democrat, Harris has deeply ingrained and condescending attitudes to black Americans. Those recently came out in a fight she had with radio host Charlamagne Tha God.

He asked her a question she didn’t like and she turned on that Kamala charm. It’s no wonder half her staff has quit on her; this woman is psychotic.

Kamala vs. Charlamagne

Charlamagne recently interviewed Harris for his comedy show and asked her a question she didn’t like. That’s because it hit a little too close to home for comfort.

He asked her who was the “real” president and whether it was actually Senator Joe Manchin (since Manchin is currently blocking Biden’s Build Back Better socialist agenda by not voting for it).

Harris was not amused. Her staffer Symone Sanders – who is quitting soon – tried to cut the interview short in a really unprofessional way, but Harris started getting upset and jumped in.

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no,” she crowed, waving her finger at Charlamagne as if he’d been a bad boy. She said claiming Manchin is the real president is untrue and that Charlamagne sounded like a “Republican” and should shut his mouth.

She also self-righteously whined that she is vice president to push status on him, when he’d literally already just called her “Madame Vice President” and was clearly aware she’s the VP.

Harris then went on to make completely untrue claims, like saying the new Biden child tax credit will cut child poverty in the black community by 50%. What universe is Harris living in? Everything she says is so incorrect, offensive, and bizarre.

Harris claimed Charlamagne was “denying” the influence and positive effect the Biden regime has had on helping the nation and black people. Her condescending, racist attitude towards him was revolting to watch.

Here’s the Weirdest Thing

Charlamagne is obviously liberal and more or less on Harris’ side. He spent his show insulting Joe Manchin for halting “progress” and holding the country back.

He was actually just trying to joke around a bit, since it’s supposed to be a humorous show. Charlamagne was also trying to give Harris a softball question where she could also rag on Manchin and talk about how he needs to get with the program.

Yet, in her endless arrogance and condescending attitude, all Harris heard was a challenge to her and the Biden regime’s power and she flipped out. This should be a warning sign to everyone.

Comedy is not allowed in communist and dictatorial regimes because it can potentially undermine their grip on power.