Kamala Harris’ Fake Border Trip

Every time that I think VP Kamala Harris has hit rock bottom, she manages to go lower.

This woman is incredible as an example of how badly you can fail in government and still keep your job.

In the private sector, she would have been shown the exit door – with no severance package – months ago.

As it is, Harris has been allowed to dawdle and screw up everything she touches, including her role trying to resolve the border crisis. 

Her words abroad in Guatemala and Mexico were an idiotic disaster; her latest fake trip to the border is an embarrassment to everyone who watched. 

Kamala’s Photo Op

This stuffed suit, intersectional idiot went down to El Paso Texas, 1,000 miles from where the crisis is occurring in the Rio Grande Valley. El Paso is a town protected by Trump’s border wall where residents praise the effect it’s had. 

She went there for a photo op and to get rid of the voices of critics who have been calling her out on failure to visit the border, since Biden put her in charge of it. 

Then she blamed Trump for her own failures, claiming that the Biden administration “inherited” the problem and bringing up how mean they supposedly were. 

Did she forget what Trump said? “Who built the cages, Joe?”

Harris failed to mention how many more kids are now in the cages, thanks to her and Biden’s mixed messages and stupid invitations for illegals to come.

There were almost 200,000 illegal immigrants stopped at the border just in May. 

As Trump said in a recent statement, this is one of the worst disasters in our nation’s history and it literally threatens our survival!

So what does Harris do? She goes down to a place protected by Trump’s border wall and blames the problems in the Rio Grande Valley where Trump’s wall isn’t complete…on Trump!

You just cannot make this stuff up. 

Biden’s Executive Orders

Biden’s executive orders giving amnesty and pausing deportations directly coincided with the migrant surge; meanwhile, Harris is a lying psychopath whose inaction has enriched the most murderous cartels on the planet. 

She was greeted by angry protesters including Latino Americans who hilariously called her “Que Mala (“How Bad”) Harris” and other signs saying Trump won and telling Harris to mind her business. 

What did this joke of a VP actually do?

She walked around the US Customs and Border Protection Central Processing Center in El Paso; she then visited a Border Patrol station that was still ten miles from the Rio Grande for some fake conversations with pro-immigration activists and photos. 

Powerful and horrific cartels are making millions a day from abusing poor illegal immigrants to get them over the border, but instead of addressing the crisis, Harris got a few photos taken and blabbered about nothing. 

This woman is not a patriot and she does not belong anywhere near the Oval Office. Ever.