Kamala Gives Bizarre Nonsense Speech That Leaves Even Biden Stunned

Vice President Kamala Harris was chosen by Joe Biden, due to her skin tone and gender. She checked the right diversity boxes, even if she had no national political experience and no business being near the Oval Office.

Well, now we see what happens when you let image trump reality. Harris is an absolute disaster and has embarrassed this country from day one in office. She has even done the incredible of making Biden look good in comparison.

Her latest gaffe is so bizarre it has some questioning whether the VP is taking hallucinogenic drugs. Yes, it was that bad.

Here’s What Happened…

Speaking yesterday during a photo op for installing high speed internet in Louisiana, the VP went off track. She started talking like a stoner from San Francisco about “the passage of time.”

In a bizarre stream-of-consciousness, the VP said the “significance” of “time” and its “passage” is why internet is so important because, something, something “passage of time.”

She then said something about the “children” and how “the passage of time” is especially crucial for them. What the hell does this even mean?

Joe Biden often starts talking in nonsense or says random racist things. Harris even accused him of being a bona fide racist on the campaign trail. She then apparently lost her concern over him being racist once he picked her as VP.

Yet, the point is even Biden manages to not look quite as clueless and intoxicated as Harris often looks behind a podium.

Laughing at Victims of War

If you take any given week, you can find examples of Harris doing strange and delusional things on the world stage.

Just last week with the leader of Poland, she cackled like a witch when he talked about the millions of refugees from Ukraine who need help.

Why exactly is that funny? Is it because the “passage of time” is so “significant?”

It’s unclear why Harris is being allowed to open her mouth at all on the international stage. Having people like her speaking on behalf of America emboldens our enemies.

Seeing her idiocy could well be one of the reasons that Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine. You don’t go woke without consequences; leaders and enemies around the world are definitely paying attention.

When they see strange speeches like this, they see one thing and one thing only: weakness…and that tempts them to strike at our interests and allies.

The Bottom Line

Harris and Biden reportedly don’t get along well and neither do their staff.

This is only to be expected, since they’re basically a political odd couple who was forced together by pollsters to capture certain voting demographics.

However, one thing is for sure: get this woman off the microphone and take her to a padded room for some rehab. She does not belong as our VP!