Justin Bieber Gets Hilariously Tricked by a Deepfake Video of Tom Cruise

Justin Bieber is famous for being an airheaded pop star. He’s also the latest victim of deepfake technology.

Deepfake technology lets people put the faces and voices of people onto videos to make it look like they are doing something they are not doing. Some of the most famous ones have been made of politicians and other celebrities.

Now, a viral deepfake video of Tom Cruise tricked Justin Bieber into completely embarrassing himself.

Bieber Takes the Bait

A deepfake video of Tom Cruise doing some great riffs on guitar recently went viral. It was all over the internet and found its way into Bieber’s hands.

The Canadian pop star expressed he was really wowed by Cruise’s guitar “skills,” but said he still wants to fight him. Bieber conveyed he’d like to box Cruise last year; the video of the guitar was just a chance for him to repeat that challenge.

In the video, a man who appears to be Cruise plays on an acoustic guitar and starts singing a joking song about social media. Bieber saw it and thought the video was really Cruise, complimenting him on his impressive skills and telling him he still wanted to beat him up.

Specifically, Bieber told Cruise he could “catch” his hands and get beat up.

Here’s the Funny Thing

The funny thing about all this is the video of Cruise came from a TikTok user who goes by “DeepTomCruise.” Their entire account is putting up deepfake Tom Cruises.

All Bieber had to do to realize this was fake is look at the account name and history, but he apparently is not smart enough to realize that.

Deepfake technology is very good, and high-quality deepfakes have been made of Bieber as well. However, this account was literally made to put out deepfakes.

All Bieber had to do was glance at the name and its past posts. Celebrities aren’t always the sharpest tools in the shed…

Bottom Line

Cruise hasn’t taken up Bieber’s offer of a fight and the reason for their feud is unclear. It seems to mostly be a joke of some kind, or maybe Bieber wants to donate the proceeds to charity.

The important part of this story is actually deepfake technology itself. It changes the game in so many ways and will lead to all sorts of more serious mixups in the future.

Imagine a world leader being tricked by a deepfake of another foreign leader during a diplomatic crisis? A talented team of spies and digital agents could definitely do that.

Or what about celebrities who get their careers sabotaged through deepfake video scandals that show them doing things they never actually did? Technology is moving faster than any of us can control; there’s no limit to the kind of craziness that lies ahead.