Just in: Very Bad News for the Lying Liberal Media

Rasmussen polling is one of the most respected pollsters in the world. Their latest poll is about how many Americans trust the media and the results will have CNN running for its safe space. 

Rasmussen didn’t just ask folks whether they trust the media. In fact, they asked Americans if they agree that the media is “the enemy of the people.”

These words, spoken by President Trump, caused a huge liberal media firestorm. Maybe it’s because they knew he’d hit a home run and spoken to people’s true feelings. 

If this poll is anything to go by, then the media is skating on thin ice. 

Shocking Results Show the Public’s True Opinion on the Media

The results of the poll are truly shocking:

58 percent of those surveyed said they agree that the media is our “enemy.” Out of those 58 percent, 34 percent said they agree strongly; 24 percent said “somewhat,” 13 percent “disagreed” and 23 percent disagreed strongly.

That’s a declining number of people willing to back up the media in this country. The message they’re saying is simple: you’ve told too many lies and they’ve done too much damage. Now you’re on your own. 

It was only one in five of those in the poll who “strongly disagreed,” meaning that most think there’s at least some truth to the media being bad. 

As for the political beliefs of those answering? 76 percent of those identifying as Republican believed the media is our enemy, as did 37 percent of Democrats. 

That’s actually quite a high number of Democrats. 

Bad News for the Mainstream Media

What’s led to this point with so many people – even Democrats – losing faith in the media and its ability to tell them the truth? 

Quite frankly it’s been a long time coming. Remember the lies of the mainstream media from the Iraq war to the Russia collusion hoax to allowing racist anti-white opinion commentators all over their shows? All of this has taken its toll. 

It’s not only that people don’t trust the mainstream media anymore; thheyalso see how it’s actively trying to bring down America. 

There are plenty of Democrats left who still love this country and are just now coming to grips with the fact that their party has been taken over by truly evil, anti-American people. 

The Media’s Lies: a Starter Guide

There are so many more liberal media lies that I would need a book to compile them. Here are a few just from the past few years:

  • They lied about Brett Kavanaugh and tried to frame him as a gang rapist.
  • They lied about the Covington Catholic kids and tried to say they were racist for smiling while being racially abused and insulted for being Trump supporters in Washington, DC.
  • They lied about George Zimmerman’s killing of Trayvon Martin, ignoring that Martin had hunted Zimmerman down and tried to kill him.
  • They lied about BLM riots being “mostly peaceful.”
  • They lied about how COVID started. 
  • They lied that Officer Brian Sicknick was killed on Jan. 6 by a Trump supporter who hit him with a fire extinguisher.
  • They lied that NY Governor Andrew Cuomo was doing a great job in COVID when he was actually killing thousands of old people. 

The list goes on and on. Truly it is sickening. 

It looks like the lies of the liberal media are finally catching up to them.