Johnny Depp Trial Reaches Crucial New Stage

Actor Johnny Depp is currently suing his ex-wife, Amber Heard, for $50 million. He claims she ruined his reputation and name by lying that he physically abused her.

On the contrary, Depp has been testifying the past week that it was he who was the victim of domestic abuse from Heard.

According to Depp’s testimony, Heard is a highly unstable individual who cut his finger off, went to the bathroom on his bed, frequently hit him, and verbally and psychologically abused him.

Heard denies all charges and is expected to take the stand in the next few days.

The Current State of the Trial

At this time, the trial is in a tense situation. Depp has undergone two days of intense cross-examination by Heard’s lawyer and had his reputation torn apart.

The defense has shown evidence of Depp’s heavy drug use and played audio of him swearing, as well as angry text messages he sent joking about murdering Heard to a friend.

At the same time, the court heard audio of Heard admitting she hit Depp and calling him a “f***ing baby”, as well as extensive witnesses talking about her behavior. They have also heard Depp’s testimony about the hell that Heard put him through and early childhood abuse.

Depp’s mother physically abused him and his dad, creating an early childhood pattern where women committing psychological and physical violence against men became normalized.

‘I Was Broken’

Depp told the court he was “broken” by the end of the relationship, while Heard can be heard on recordings saying that the actor is a “bully” and is “killing her” with his abuse.

There was also testimony from Depp’s head house manager and friend Ben King. He said he often heard the couple arguing angrily.

Heard herself sued Depp for $100 million two years ago. Now, Depp is getting his payback.

Heard will take the stand within about a week during the five-week trial, which began two weeks ago.

The trial has been surprisingly emotional as Depp has gone into his difficult childhood, drug use, and disappointing relationship with Heard. While listening to his testimony, Heard remained silent and stony-faced.

Viewers will be curious to see what happens when Heard takes the stand in the near future and presents her side of what happened in more detail.

The Bottom Line

Depp’s team wants to show that the actor is not a physically violent man, even if he has used many substances and speaks and writes in sometimes deranged ways.

Heard’s team is intending to prove that Depp was physically abusive and an out-of-control, drunk drug user who forced Heard to physically protect herself from his assaults.

At this point, we will have to see what new evidence emerges as the trial continues to progress.