Joe Biden Shocks Crowd with Random Racist Comments

As the world deals with a growing chance of nuclear war and an economy in freefall, Joe Biden is still going around showboating.

This senile leftist is still jetting around trying to stumble through a few sentences as he prepares to get shellacked in the upcoming midterms and lose half his power over the country.

Biden’s latest stop was in Fort Worth, Texas, where Biden had an event at a Veterans Affairs hospital to talk about how much he values veterans.

In particular, Biden was there to talk about the danger to troops from exposure to toxic chemicals, since Biden blames his son Beau’s death from cancer on being around toxic burn pits in Iraq.

However, Biden ended up saying some truly bizarre racist statements that had the crowd in disbelief.

Biden Drops Some Random Racism

While speaking at the event, Biden commented on the three congressmen who were also attending. He said the two black congressmen looked like they must have played basketball and the Arab American congressman looked like he “can bomb you.”

Biden went off the teleprompter, but unlike President Trump who used to go off script and say things that were actually funny, Biden just went off script and sounded like someone’s black sheep uncle after a Klan meeting.

The guy just sounds truly creepy and hate-filled. What is he trying to say here, that people who are black are always athletes and Middle Eastern people are terrorists? If Trump had said that, he would have been crucified in the media.

Though this has mostly been met with silence, or “fact-checkers” claiming Biden was using “bomb” to mean hitting a home run in baseball. Yeah, sure.

Apart from the random racism, maybe Biden shouldn’t be saying the word “bomb” too easily, considering we’re on the edge of a nuclear war with Russia.

Biden’s History of Racist Rants

Biden has a long history of saying bizarre racist statements, stretching back to his eulogy for former Klansman Senator Robert Byrd and “super predator” comments about the black community.

Biden also made waves during his presidential campaign when he said anyone who doesn’t vote for the Democrats “ain’t black” and another speech where he implied black students are inherently stupid.

Biden’s also said Latino kids are smarter than black kids because all black people think the same way and are not creative or interesting.

If that’s not racism, I’d be hard-pressed to tell you what is. This guy is a hate-filled bigot.

The Bottom Line

You won’t hear a peep from the media or from “social justice” queen Kamala Harris, but Joe Biden is a raving bigot. He goes around randomly saying bizarre things and doing nothing to protect our country or help our economy.

The media cheers him on every step of the way. What do you think, is Biden really racist or just mentally unhinged?