Joe Biden Praises Fake Kwanzaa Festival, Disrespecting Black America

Joe Biden famously told African Americans who won’t vote Democrat that they “ain’t black.”

Biden’s history of racist and ignorant statements is available for anyone to look into, including his praise for former KKK leader-turned-Senator Robert Byrd.

Now that Biden is fully onboard the offensively condescending Democrat gravy train, he’s full of fake respect for minorities. He recently showed that by celebrating the completely fake holiday of “Kwanzaa.”

What’s ‘Kwanzaa’?

Kwanzaa is a made up holiday intended to celebrate African heritage and culture. It was made in the mid 1990s by a racist black nationalist called Ron Everett. This individual, who also went by the name Dr. Maulana Karenga, was a criminal who abused two black women in a twisted assault.

Everett had followers who he would give bizarre titles that he claimed spoke to their African heritage. Two of these women in his sect got whipped and beaten by him, after he told them to get naked. He was later convicted of this crime.

Now, Joe Biden is celebrating Everett and his fake, offensive festival, with Biden and his wife “Dr.” Jill saying they’re celebrating African “heritage” by lighting the seven candles.

Biden also added he hopes we can see more “unity” in America.┬áJust an idea, but if you want more unity, maybe stop celebrating a festival made by a racist abuser who was convicted for whipping naked women with batons and electrical cables.

Kamala Joins the Party

Kamala Harris, our failed vice president and shrew-in-chief, famously bragged about celebrating Kwanza growing up, which was hilarious. This year, she is back by claiming again that her best “childhood memories” involve Kwanzaa.

She said she wishes a happy Kwanzaa to everyone celebrating “across” the United States. Trust me, Kamala: the only people celebrating are you and your twisted Biden lackeys.

Harris grew up in Canada to activist parents and she went to a Hindu religious organization as a kid. She is a filthy lying failure who has no business being our VP.

Then again, Harris is the perfect accompaniment to the filthy lies and condescending behavior of the Bidens, who represent the worst that white liberalism has to offer. It treats minorities like foolish children and pushes fake festivals made by criminals on them to win votes.

Trust me Joe, you’re not winning next year’s midterms, no matter if you stack Kwanzaa candles a mile high and light them.

The Bottom Line

Next year’s midterms can’t come soon enough. Biden and his regime are toast and their pathetic, insulting attempts to score more minority votes will do nothing to stop that.

The next time you see a leftist politician wish someone a Happy Kwanzaa, remember its origins and how fake it is.