Jill Biden Gets Booed By Huge Crowd in Nashville

Sometimes, I feel bad for Jill Biden.

Then, I remember she made a conscious decision to marry Sleepy Joe and all my sympathy disappears.

The wife of our senile Tyrant-in-Chief may not be the executive; however, she’s still a supporter of Biden’s policies, and people aren’t happy about it. 

Speaking recently at a Brad Paisley country music concert in Nashville, the good doctor got booed by the crowd after insulting them for not having a high enough COVID vaccination rate. 

She jeered and told the crowd they were just booing themselves. 

What Happened?

Biden was talking about Tennessee’s lagging vaccination rate which is currently around 30% at the Paisley concert.

She made the comments after going to a vaccine area at the Ole Smokey distillery in Nashville. 

Paisley, who is a high-ranking 32nd degree Master Freemason, and the son of a 33rd degree Freemason, welcomed Biden to speak at his concert promoting vaccines where he also told the crowd to go get the shot. 

Biden is currently going around states that don’t have high vaccination rates; she’s telling the ignorant rubes to line up and take the experimental vaccine. 

This comes after over a year of federal health authorities and the liberal media intentionally slandering and blocking people from using proven treatments such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to treat and prevent COVID; these medications, by the way, are much cheaper and easier to produce. 

Jill Biden: Want Normal Life Back? Get the Shot.

In as condescending a way as humanly possible, Jill Biden told people that if they want normal life back, and to go to concerts like before, they need to get the shot. 

Part of the reason Tennessee was on Biden’s push list is because Governor Bill Lee didn’t take the bait to give out rewards to state residents who get the shot. 

Other states have created lotteries, rewards, and all sorts of things to try to push people to get vaccinated. 

Biden is especially focused on younger people getting the shot; it’s worth mentioning here that vaccine trials have also started for kids. 

Why is the Establishment So Obsessed with the Vaccine?

At this point it’s worth asking: 

Why is the establishment so obsessed with pushing the vaccine?

The official reason would be that it works and they want to create herd immunity, but if so, why were normal treatments blocked for over a year?

What is it about this vaccine that’s so vital for everyone to go stick their arm out and get jabbed? If it keeps you safe, then you make that decision and you’re now safe, right? 

You then can advise anyone else to get the shot, but know that their failure to do so is their own responsibility and their own danger, not yours. 

Or is there something else going on here that I’m not aware of?