Jeopardy! Goes Woke and Broke

President Trump made a comment during his presidency that many of us still remember. He said that if you go woke, you go broke.

Every day we see it coming true, and the list is too long to count: Disney, Netflix, the Democrat Party, critical race theory being outlawed in various states, Florida’s crackdown on sex propaganda aimed at kids.

Those who go woke eventually end up humiliated and mocked in the public square. It’s a wonder that so many institutions and shows keep doing it anyway.

The latest to fall victim to the woke scam is Jeopardy!

This longtime American favorite embraced the far left woke ideology and recently got trashed all over the internet for making a fool of themselves.

What Did Jeopardy! Do?

The tragic death of veteran Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek two years ago had all of America in tears. This was especially true, given Trebek’s heroic acceptance of his terminal cancer diagnosis.

He accepted it and hosted up until the last possible moment, refusing to play victim or beg for sympathy. He was a great man.

Though especially since the death of Trebek, the show has gone in a very downward spiral. Hosting duties have been shared by Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik and the search is on for a full-time single host for 2022.

Yet, the program has really gone into the swamp of far left focus, obsessing about LGBT identities and minority status, as if this is the only thing Americans find interesting or noteworthy.

The latest example came from the focus on a recent Jeopardy! champion called Mattea Roach.

Meet Mattea Roach

Roach is only 23-years-old and comes from Toronto, Canada.

She’s the highest winning contestant ever from our northern neighbor and is obviously a very bright young woman. She works as a tutor and also happens to identify as a lesbian who is attracted to other women.

Generally, the sexual orientation of contestants isn’t a huge focus on Jeopardy! During the meet and greets even five or ten years ago, you didn’t see Trebek chatting about “oh, and John is also a gay man, congratulations.”

Sexual orientation didn’t tend to come up as a big subject, but now it’s apparently very fascinating and brave that Roach is a lesbian who’s won $320,081. To be clear, her winnings are definitely impressive!

The fact that she’s lesbian seems sort of irrelevant. Praising her as a “lesbian tutor,” as NBC News did in celebrating her winnings, is also highly bizarre and hilarious. Internet users mocked the idea accordingly.

The Bottom Line

Think about how Roach feels or how you would feel for being equally celebrated for who you like to sleep with as your skill at trivia and winning a very difficult competition.

The irony of this bizarre celebration of sexual identity is it’s very humiliating for those with alternative sexual identities to focus so much on them as if they are incredibly rare and special for not being straight.

Go woke, go broke.