Jen Psaki Has a New Theory About Why Biden’s Polls are So Low

Jen Psaki is somehow still the White House press secretary, despite her complete incompetence at her job. The only reason anyone even believes her lies is the mainstream media shovels them out to the public like good little parrots.

However, for anyone who’s actually listening, Psaki is a complete joke. She lies shamelessly with almost every sentence she says. She is covering for one of the most corrupt administrations in American history and a treasonous president.

In short, Jen Psaki should be ashamed of herself. Of course, she’s not ashamed at all, because she’s a good little leftist who does what she’s told.

Her latest accusation is so ridiculous, it needs to be mentioned. It came about when Psaki was asked why Biden’s approval is now at 38% and dropping rapidly.

Why Are Biden’s Polls So Low?

When asked why Biden’s polls are so low, Psaki said it’s because of the unvaccinated. Yes, she actually said that.

Whining about how she and the Biden regime expected to be done with COVID by now, Psaki said the 20% or so of Americans who won’t get vaccinated are causing the disease to continue and bringing down his poll numbers.

Calling this a “tough” period of American history, Psaki said the Delta variant and refusal to get the vaccine are causing the virus to keep going indefinitely and making Biden look bad.

Maybe somebody can explain why a vaccine that works is allowing so many people to still get seriously ill and end up in the hospital. That’s not to mention the many questions about its possible side effects.

Psaki obviously didn’t touch these topics because, like Biden, her focus is squarely on verbally abusing and singling out one group: the unvaccinated.

It’s also interesting Psaki said only 20% of Americans are unvaxxed, when the real figure is closer to 30%. What she’s trying to do is make the unvaxxed feel like they’re the only ones so they give up and take the shots.

The Truth About Biden’s Poll Crash

The truth about Biden’s awful polls is obvious; his polls are low because many, many people don’t like him and think he’s doing a terrible job.

Last month’s job report had less than 200,000 jobs created; our southern border is being invaded and COVID is much worse than it was a year ago

Later, you get into foreign policy and the shameful pullout from Afghanistan, stranding our people behind enemy lines. Then, there’s China which is threatening to invade Taiwan, and Biden’s complete unwillingness to do anything about it.

Also, there’s the ongoing crackdown against parents who are concerned for their kids’ education and don’t want them learning anti-Christian racist things.

Next, there’s COVID vaccine mandates shuttering up restaurants and making businesses go broke as they deal with the fallout.

The only real surprise, actually, is that Biden’s poll numbers aren’t even lower. There are far too many sheep who still seem to not realize what’s going on yet.