Jen Psaki Called Out for Shameful Assault on Fox News Reporter Peter Doocy

Under President Trump, the American people endured years of lectures from our liberal media and politicians.

We were treated like misbehaving school kids and talked down to by establishment figures who claimed Trump was a dictator, a madman, and destroying “civility.”

In particular, we were told that Trump’s insults to the mainstream media were completely unacceptable and a danger to “democracy.”

The Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post even added “Democracy Dies in Darkness” to its publications in protest of Trump’s criticism of fake news.

Well, now the Biden regime is looking quite foolish, as their main press mouthpiece Jen Psaki recently cursed out a Fox News reporter on a popular left-wing podcast.

Psaki: Peter Doocy of Fox is a ‘Stupid Son-of-a-B**ch’

Pod Save America is a popular left-wing podcast that various centrists and liberals like to listen to. While taping an episode for that show, Psaki sounded off about her frustrations with the media.

In particular, Psaki’s lies and idiotic statements have been called out by one member of the press who’s not intimidated or convinced by the left-wing propaganda: Fox News reporter Peter Doocy.

Unlike many of the other sheep in the briefing room, Doocy doesn’t just ask copy-paste questions or feel-good propaganda. He actually challenges the Biden narrative.

Psaki’s not a big fan and while taping the show, she said he is a “stupid son-of-a-b**ch” who asks stupid questions.

Psaki later crawled back to apologize, issuing a slimy half-apology where she bizarrely claimed this wasn’t about Doocy, but was about the type of questions he asks in general.

What a pathetic woman!

Why Did Psaki Say This?

Specifically, Psaki was talking about when Joe Biden called Doocy a “son-of-a-b**ch” and saying it “might” seem accurate to call Doocy this. However, she was claiming Doocy was nice to Biden after the incident and acted with “grace.”

This is a version of when leftists say a conservative isn’t so bad because he or she takes abuse nicely and cedes ground to the left.

Doocy isn’t actually doing that; he’s just trying to keep his job, but Psaki likes to go on a power trip.

Psaki laughed loudly about it, along with the arrogant leftist audience.

Of course, they did because the whole thing about being civil to the media and upholding “norms” was never a serious issue for the left in the first place.

It was very obviously just a further way to attack conservatives and undermine President Trump.

Now that the left is back in power, we see their mask come off; we see how they laugh at the mass bullying and verbal assault of a young reporter doing his job.

These people are sick bullies, and what’s even more pathetic is people like Psaki can’t even own their insults and have to pretend this is all in good faith.

It most certainly is not; nothing they say ever again about being “civil” should be taken the slightest bit seriously by conservatives.