Jeffrey Epstein’s Secret Sex Slave Locations Revealed

The Ghislaine Maxwell trial is going on right now, even though you wouldn’t know it from our liberal media. She’s being charged with helping recruit underage sex slaves for millionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

As the trial goes on, new photos are coming out of the orgy hideaways that Epstein used around the world. Maxwell’s family says she didn’t know what was going on and was a victim of Epstein’s manipulation.

Witnesses say Maxwell was very aware of what was going on and also frequently took part in the abuse and sex sessions.

New Photos of the Epstein Sex Compounds

Two years ago, Epstein supposedly killed himself in a jail cell in Manhattan. His death at 66 was seen as highly suspicious by many observers; Maxwell herself reportedly believes he was murdered.

Now that more photos are coming out of his compounds and life with Maxwell, the chances of her being acquitted of any wrongdoing get slimmer and slimmer. Sex trafficking is a serious crime.

The jury is seeing photographs of the rooms where Epstein got his “special” massages from underage girls. They are also seeing his orgy hideaways.

These hideaways include the exclusive compound on Little St. James Island, his Palm Beach mansion, and his Zorro ranch in New Mexico. Many victims say they were raped, abused, and sexually brutalized at these locations.

The “pedo” island that was visited by Bill Clinton, British royalty, and more is especially disturbing. Sex abuse victims who were trafficked say they tried to get off the island despite all the sharks in the water around it, but they were close to drowning and had to turn around.

You can only get to the island by aircraft or on a boat. Epstein usually got there in a helicopter from a nearby airport where he’d land his Lolita Express plane.

Epstein bought Little St. James in the late 90s for a price take of just under $8 million; he also purchased the larger nearby islands for around $17 million in 2016. It’s unclear how he got such a killer price, considering the islands now retail for about $240 million.

Palm Beach and Manhattan

Then, there’s Palm Beach where Epstein ran a cycle of young girls who he’d have sex with, allegedly with Maxwell’s help. The mansion was knocked down earlier this year and bought for about $18 million of its property value.

Its pristine location on the seaside masked horrible things going on inside to innocent young girls who were recruited with promises of a luxurious lifestyle, if they’d just give massages to a rich businessman.

Another key location Epstein used was his 28,000 square-foot New York residence, where he trafficked many girls and had sex parties with the elite. He also owned a luxurious estate in Paris that sold recently for about $13 million.

Welcome to the Zorro Ranch

The Zorro Ranch is another key location in the Epstein orgy dens. The ranch is sliding into bad condition, but the 7,500-acre destination was once a key piece of Epstein’s empire.

It had horses, tennis courts, a luxurious interior, and was bought from the former attorney general of New Mexico in the early 1990s. Epstein reportedly had a bizarre plan to mass-impregnate women on the ranch and create a future super race of his descendants.