Jeffrey Epstein Sidekick, Ghislaine Maxwell, Found Guilty of Sex Trafficking Minors

Ghislaine Maxwell was the sidekick of dead pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. She’s been on trial for helping him traffick and sexually exploit underage girls.

Maxwell has now been convicted in a New York court on five out of the six charges against her, which could carry a penalty of up to 80 years behind bars.

Although she was not convicted on one count of trying to convince an underage girl to travel across state lines to perform sexual activities for Epstein, the five other charges stuck.

Maxwell now faces a potential life in prison. However, there’s one huge problem that should worry and outrage all patriots.

Here’s the Problem

Maxwell’s trial had its finishing arguments at the end of this month. The trial itself lasted less than a month.

The prosecution successfully proved Epstein and Maxwell used their money and high social status to recruit poor girls and offer them money for sex.

Maxwell often went to poor areas and underprivileged regions; she then approached teen girls to tell them she had an amazing job for them, offering “massages” to her wealthy clients.

These massages were actually sexual acts and orgies which would play out at various Epstein properties around the US in New Mexico, New York, and Palm Beach, as well as overseas in France and on Little St. James Island.

The problem is the judge, in this case, ordered all details of those who are involved in Epstein’s criminal and pedophile network be closed to release. These are now officially secret and it’s illegal to look into them.

In other words, Maxwell is now the fall guy (fall woman) for an elite pedophile network. They have sacrificed one of their own to protect the rest so we don’t know the classified details of what the others did.

The Prosecution Rests Its Case

The prosecution included James Comey’s daughter, Maurene Comey. Head prosecutor Alison Moe claims Maxwell was “sophisticated” and very skilled at recruiting underage girls.

Maxwell’s brother Ian, however, said Maxwell is being set up to take the fall and she also believes Epstein was murdered. Officially, he committed suicide in a Manhattan jail in 2019.

Ian claims Maxwell didn’t know what was going on with Epstein and was just a bystander to the crimes. The convictions have definitely proved otherwise.

She was clearly involved in the trafficking and even the abuse. The issue here is not that Maxwell is innocent: she’s obviously not.

The issue is the sordid details of the Clintons and others involved in Epstein’s pedo network are now sealed up and not accessible.

Maxwell is going to take the fall for rich and powerful predators around the world to get off scot-free. This isn’t justice being served; it’s the sacrifice of one mid-level elite so the others can skate away with no consequences.