Jeffrey Epstein Pervert Sidekick Ghislaine Maxwell Demands Trial be Dismissed Because Jury is Too White

jury summons by Robert Couse-Baker is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Ghislaine Maxwell is accused of some serious crimes. As the perverted sidekick to pedophile and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, she is being charged for involvement in years of work that exploited underage girls for sex.

However, Maxwell’s lawyers say she’s not getting a fair shake.

They argued that her trial should be dismissed because the jury that will hear the charges is too White. You heard that right: Maxwell’s team wants her to walk free because too many Caucasians apparently makes a jury unfair.

Maxwell is a White Jewish woman, but she understands how to game the system. The current moment in America is full of critical race theory and obsession with race. Bringing up the ethnicity of jurors sounds bizarre to the rest of us, but to those who stop in their tracks whenever they hear the words “too White” it’s a strong challenge.

The motion was filed as a pretrial motion in Westchester County with the trial set to take place soon federally in Manhattan.

jury 1 by lightest light is licensed under CC BY 2.0

More About Maxwell’s Claim

Maxwell’s legal team didn’t only claim that the jury is too White. They also said that evidence was illegally seized by the government and that the charges against her are too generalized.

Maxwell was arrested last summer in July. Maxwell was hiding on a rural property in New Hampshire and ran away to hide in the house when FBI agents knocked on the door to take her into custody.

Specifically, Maxwell is accused of grooming and finding underage girls for Epstein to have sex with and hand out to friends and colleagues to have sex with.

She is currently in jail in Brooklyn and her trial is set to start this July, but the pretrial motions from her lawyers say the whole proceeding is very garbled and hasn’t been done properly. According to her legal team the whole indictment has been “carefully crafted to not provide Ms. Maxwell with the necessary information to adequately investigate these false allegations and prepare for trial.”

The Charges Against Maxwell

There are four charges against Maxwell saying that she actively assisted Epstein in running his underage sex trafficking ring between 1994 to 1997.

Epstein was taken into custody in 2019 but later died by suicide according to the mainstream media. Video footage from his maximum security cell unfortunately had an error at the time of his “suicide.”

In part, Maxwell’s lawyers are also saying that a 2007 agreement not to prosecute that Epstein had signed applies to her as well. But what about her not being connected to Epstein’s wrongdoing? It sounds like some messages are being mixed up a little here.

Two Justice Systems

There’s nothing surprising about Maxwell’s bizarre defense and endless whining. Her father was one of the richest people in the world and she went to Oxford. Like many of our elite from Bill Clinton to George Soros, Maxwell believes she is above the law and that it only applies to the little people without family connections and national leaders as friends.

It’s also worth noting that Maxwell is wanted on two counts of perjury for allegedly lying about Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre.

People like Maxwell are the worst kinds of parasites, race-baiting and encouraging division for their own benefit as they skate through society doing what they want for their perverted desires. Neither Maxwell nor anyone should be above the law, and her pathetic attempt to claim that the racial background of the jury won’t give her a fair trial is absurd. Like any fair trial, this one will proceed based on the evidence and be ruled according to a fair verdict from the jury.