Islamic Terrorist Attack Strikes New Zealand

New Zealand is an island nation near Australia that’s been completely locked down by COVID. It’s led by a far-left woman called Jacinda Ardern who virtue signals 24/7 and can’t stop supporting every single liberal thing that exists.

She’s been very passionate about welcoming refugees and immigrants from every country in the world; although, since COVID, that has been on pause. Nonetheless, New Zealand is full of folks from the Middle East and other areas who don’t really like New Zealand or its citizens very much.

On Friday afternoon, one of these people went berserk and decided to start stabbing people randomly in a supermarket.

Crazed Islamist Starts Stabbing Strangers

A crazed Islamic terrorist from Sri Lanka started stabbing New Zealanders on Friday. He chose to do this in a crowded supermarket, brutally slashing numerous people and leaving six in pools of blood. Three of the six are in critical condition and in the hospital.

Ardern says her government had this man under watch for supporting ISIS. He was a foreign citizen of Sri Lanka near India, but somehow was allowed into New Zealand.

It’s interesting how places like New Zealand can arrest you for not wearing a mask; yet they can’t seem to shut down a horrible terrorist they’ve supposedly been tracking before he goes into active mode and starts trying to kill people.

Still, Ardern did the usual virtue-signaling, noting that the attack was “despicable” and also making sure to emphasize that no “faith” was to blame for it. In other words, the man’s Islamic beliefs have nothing to do with Islam. Sounds…not so logical. In fact, it sounds like liberal-speak.

What Happened in the Attack?

This stabbing suspect had been under close surveillance because he was downloading explicit ISIS videos. He arrived in New Zealand in 2011, thanks to their open immigration system. Ardern said he hadn’t done anything that could land him in jail, which is why he was free to carry out the attack Friday.

Governments can put you in jail over throwing gum on the sidewalk and we’re supposed to believe no pretext could be drummed up to get this jihadist jackwagon in jail? Come on, man. In any case, the knifer went into a supermarket in Auckland and took a big knife from a display rack in the store. Then, he just started stabbing people randomly.

By the time they reacted, six people were down and severely injured. Luckily a police team had been tailing him and was able to respond rapidly before things got even worse.

The Bottom Line

New Zealand was shocked by the 2019 murder of 51 innocent Muslims by the terrorist Brenton Tarrant. This has increased their political correctness. However, as this attack shows, murder is always wrong. Open immigration is also wrong. Please pray for the recovery of these victims of terror.