ISIS Kills US Troops, Afghan Civilians at Kabul Airport: Casualties Reported

Reports are now coming out about a massive explosion at one of the gates of the Kabul airport being guarded by US troops. The suicide bombing is being blamed on Islamic State Khorasan (ISIS-K); meanwhile, hospitals in Kabul report over 30 wounded and 13 dead, with many more seriously hurt and in critical condition.

Four US Marines have been killed in this horrific attack, and multiple more injuries of US forces are also being reported. It is likely the death count will be much higher than it currently is; also, observing video from the attack aftermath shows there are at least 40 or more dead people lying on the ground.

This comes as President Biden has been promising the airport is under control and that American citizens will be evacuated.

Warnings Ignored With Deadly Consequences

The Taliban control the areas outside the airport and have been harassing Afghans and Westerners trying to get through. Then, there is the ISIS offshoot, ISIS-K, which has been trying its best to take down airplanes and find a way to kill as many people as possible.

They are against the Taliban, but also against the West. Western intelligence agencies have been warning that ISIS-K was looking for a big strike. Furthermore, planes taking off from Kabul airport have been deploying diversionary flares in case a terrorist was trying to bring them down with heat-seeking missiles.

At the same time as this horrific attack is being reported, evacuation flights (including a large C130 rescue flight from Italy) have reported being fired on while taking off. Now, these two huge explosions have hit the crowds of thousands outside the airport and trying to get in. People are mangled and dead all over the ground, as rescue workers try to get any survivors to the hospital.

Upcoming Full US Pullout Date

The US has promised to be fully out of Afghanistan by Aug. 31. Evacuation flights are decreasing, even though tens of thousands of Americans are still stranded. The majority of people we have rescued so far are Afghans.

The Biden administration claims there are only 1,500 Americans in Afghanistan; although other estimates put this number at a much higher amount. The Taliban is no longer allowing even Westerners through, and those who do get through find themselves stuck in huge crowds. Last week, a number of people were tramped to death, including a two-year-old girl.

Evacuation Flights Ending

Various nations including Holland, Poland, France, Canada, and Italy will no longer be doing evacuation flights to help Afghan refugees or their own citizens. There is simply too much risk of a sudden terrorist attack or strike, such as this one.

The situation in Afghanistan is a complete disaster. America needs to step up and get our citizens out as fast as possible while also providing cover for our allies.