Is Cuba About to Have an Anti-Communist Revolution?

Cuba looks like it is about to undergo another Cuban Revolution, but this time it’s going against the Communists, not in their favor. 

Over the weekend, thousands of Cubans across the island flooded the towns and cities with a simple demand: freedom. 

They defaced local communist offices and chanted “Liberty!” while waving American flags. Their six-decade communist regime has left their formerly prosperous island in the dirt…and they won’t take it anymore. 

America Responds

The response by the Biden regime is horrific gaslighting, which I’ll get to below.

However, the GOP has at least put some muscle behind its words. As Cuban cops and military shoot on unarmed protesters, there is absolutely no room for neutrality on this issue. 

At least Republicans – who still sometimes get things right – responded to Cuba’s rallying cry for freedom. 

The GOP demanded that Biden get behind the people of Cuba; Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that Cuba’s dictatorship should never be allowed to “silence” its brave citizens who stand up to its evil. 

Even Florida’s Republican Lieutenant Governor, a proud Cuban American by the name of Jeannette Nunez weighed in. Nunez explained that the “despotic Castro regime” has taken everything from its people and needs to be stopped. 

Nunez said that she is together “in solidarity” with the people of Cuba who want a better life. 

Thank God that freedom-loving Americans still exist, even if they’re not currently sitting in the White House. 

What is the Biden Administration’s Response?

Some Cubans were asking where Biden is and where’s Washington’s support for their protest? The answer? Crickets. 

Here in America, we’re well aware that Biden is a Trojan horse for a form of Marxist one-world ideology, so it’s not surprising, but it’s still enraging.

As I demonstrated above, many Republicans have stood behind the people of Cuba, but the Biden regime actually claims the Cuban protests are because of…

Wait for it…


Yes, you read that correctly. 

In fact some pathetic underling at the State Department (Acting Assistant Secretary for U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs Julie Chung) said that this is all about “shortages” brought on by COVID. 

Someone teach this gender studies grad a little history. 

Stand With Cuba

What happens next is not clear. If the Cuban police state cracks down even harder, this protest could die out or it could just fan the flames. 

It’s up to patriotic Americans to speak out in defense of the Cuban people. 

We have a human and national interest in seeing the Cuban nation embrace its destiny as a free people. 

There is no reason to let the Biden regime speak on our behalf with its half-baked excuses and rhetoric. We all know what this is about, and we know that this is what socialism leads to.

We’ll never accept its shackles in America. Moreover, we stand with the Cuban people in trying to throw off its shackles in their own nation. 

Patria y vida!