IRS Fires Its Agents Investigating Hunter Biden

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is now interfering in the Hunter Biden investigation to try to protect the president’s son. This was recently confirmed by a whistleblower who was part of the IRS team investigating Hunter’s taxes.

He was fired, along with an entire team of investigators who were looking into Hunter’s wrongdoing on taxes. This is outrageous and the details of this case are going to enrage every red-blooded American patriot.

Banana Republic Breakdown

The allegations from this whistleblower are very serious indeed; after he came forward, he was let go as well as his entire team.

His lawyer, Mark Lytle, said he was fired on Monday, May 15 for finding dirt on Hunter Biden because “political considerations” influenced the IRS.

His client, the whistleblower, worked for the IRS, not the Biden regime or any other arm of Biden’s police state apparatus. Though he and his team recently found out it’s the same thing.

This is a banana republic breakdown event that should never be happening in a democratic republic.

Of course, the IRS can make up any excuse for why it fired this team investigating Hunter, but as the whistleblower has exposed, he and his team’s discoveries were uncovering tax wrongdoings by Hunter.

That’s right when they were all given a pink slip. Coincidence?

Punishing Whistleblowers

The whistleblower and his team were let go after coming forward with a desire to tell Congress about what they were finding regarding Hunter Biden. In other words, before he could fully blow the whistle under oath, he was shown the exit door.

The final decision was made by the Justice Department leaning on the IRS, a typical type of pressure and threat tactic used in places like the USSR or Cuba.

IRS Commissioner Dan Werfel said last month under oath that no whistleblowers at his agency would be punished for what they said. It seems he was either lying or unaware of the state things have reached in Biden’s America.

The Bottom Line

The investigation into Hunter’s taxes has been going on since 2018. This attempt to block it won’t work and, in fact, is an attempt to undercut a potential congressional inquiry.

This is dark stuff that is completely unacceptable. This story is just confirming what we already all know: the tax man and the devil share the same address.