Inflation is Impacting Our Military’s Ability to be Ready for War

The Biden regime let our troops down in Afghanistan, pulling them out at the last second with no plan, and leaving brave men and women behind to die for their mistakes.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the inflation caused by Biden’s horrific energy policies, COVID lockdowns, and trade incompetence is now hitting our military’s readiness to fight.

It’s not enough for Biden to shame us on the international stage and get our troops killed for his mistakes; he now needs to also undermine the American military with his economic policies.

Defense Secretary Austin Sounds the Alarm

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has been sounding the alarm. He recently announced a new service to help our fighting families keep food on the table. As Austin said, this isn’t a handout, it’s about “readiness.”

Inflation has gotten so bad that military folks and their loved ones are barely able to feed themselves. Meanwhile, Biden is just going on offensively saying “negro” and opening up our southern border to drug traffickers and narco-terrorists.

It’s unclear at this point exactly how much funding is going to be directed toward relief services for military families; however, we do know there will also be assistance because of the 10% hike in rental prices in military areas.

There will also be financial assistance to give military folks more time to find somewhere to live, since higher prices make it harder to find something that works.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is the supply chain crisis isn’t the only reason inflation is happening. Whenever Democrats start their tax and spend routine, things start quickly going downhill.

This country is in trouble because we threw away the positive actions being done under President Trump; then, we replaced them with a senile man controlled by deviant globalists.

Biden opened up our border, shut down our oil and gas on federal land, and disrespected our military at every single opportunity. There is no way you can be ready to face enemies like China if you screw over the economy and leave our military without any way to pay for basics.

One Step Forward…

It’s good military families will be getting a hand up. We can never give enough back as a society for the sacrifices they make. However, we also can’t ignore the root causes of everything that’s happening.

Our country is being sunk from inside by leftism. For every step we take forward, Biden is pushing us two steps back. Austin himself has been obsessed with finding so-called “white supremacists” in our military.

He should have been obsessed with helping us win wars and figure out how to leave Afghanistan better than we found it. This administration can’t disappear fast enough.