Huge Criminal Network Busted in Texas

Authorities have been hard at work cracking down on sex criminals in northern Texas.

Operation Janus was launched in Dallas and North Texas to protect kids from predators who abuse and exploit them, including sharing explicit images online.

In conjunction with the FBI, police rescued 28 minors from sex predators. They also arrested 59 accused pedophiles for abuse, distribution, and sale of videos and images of the youngsters.

36 Law Agencies Took Part

In addition to the FBI, over 36 law agencies took part from across America, putting together the necessary surveillance and warrants to bust these accused child predators.

FBI Special Agent James Dwyer of Dallas hailed the success of Operation Janus, saying saving kids from “further harm” means a great deal to him and all involved.

The list of people arrested with regard to this kid trafficking ring is truly sickening and includes ambulance drivers, teachers, Christian pastors, and nurses.

Some of the kids being preyed on were only babies and small infants, completely helpless against their sick abusers.

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia said his officers and all law enforcement will “never stop” hunting down those who prey on minors and babies as part of their criminal sexual crimes.

Terabytes of Data Seized

Operation Janus involved the seizure of terabytes worth of stored data, as well as numerous computers, tablets, and devices that the accused were using to commit these crimes.

Many of the best tips for catching those involved in this sickening criminal activity came from people reporting missing kids to the proper authorities who passed on the tips to local police.

Local police then had tips on where to heighten and intensify their searches and what to look for, ending up casting a large and coordinated dragnet that took down many of these sickos all at once.

They were also helped by people’s internet servers feeding back info on illegal activity to police that was then cross-referenced with places where kids had gone missing.

The list of people charged is extensive and includes months of research by police and federal agencies that led to their capture and arrest.

A full list of those charged in Operation Janus is available here.

The Bottom Line

Protect our kids. Throw the book at any and every monster who partook in or profited from the abuse of minors.

In addition, parents need to be keeping a very close eye on their children, not only physically, but also in terms of who they are talking to online or on their cellphones or devices.

Many predators lurk online and work to lure children under the pretense of friendship or mentorship only to abduct and abuse them.

It’s imperative that this kind of sickness is rooted out completely from society and that we protect our families from these hidden monsters who live among us.